Welcome to DUKE Heights BIA

The Duke Heights Business Improvement Area (BIA) was established in 2014 by the City of Toronto and a group of enterprising local business owners. Located over approximately 1,800 acres within the boundaries of Keele to Dufferin Street, and Steeles to Sheppard Avenue, we are home to over 2,500 businesses and over 31,000 employees.

The DUKE Heights BIA is one of the last significant areas of growth left within the City of Toronto, and we are home to a wide array of businesses – from small mom and pop shops to national chains and powerhouses. Our businesses know that this is one of the best places to be, nestled above Downsview Park and beside York University. With easy transportation access in and out of the BIA from all sides, our members know that they have access to a varied and talented pool of employees.

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Getting to DUKE Heights

Trying to get to DUKE Heights? You’re not alone! As the 2nd largest BIA in North America, we see over 34,500 people travel in and out of DUKE Heights each day through various forms of transportation.

By Road: Whether you’re coming from East, West, North or South, DUKE Heights is easily accessible by car. With the 401 to the South and the 407 to the North, getting to DUKE Heights from the East or West is quick. And with the 400 running North-South, coming in from Downtown or the North is easy too. We also have plenty of free parking available in the area, so why not drive in?

By Transit: Currently if you are arriving via subway, the newly named Sheppard West station will get you to the South-East corner of our BIA. However, in December 2017 your commute will become even easier with the addition of 2 new subway stations from the Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension. Downsview Park Station and Finch West Station will both grant easier access to the DUKE Heights area. Also beginning construction soon will be the Finch West LRT, set to be completed in 2022, that will connect to the new Finch West subway station.

What is a BIA?

A Business Improvement Area (or BIA for short) is an association of business owners located within an area specified and approved by the City. Every business owner operating within those boundaries is an automatic member of the BIA and can benefit from the services and programs offered by their BIA.

The purpose of a BIA is to work to stimulate local business by drawing more people, business and investment into the neighborhood. They do this by improving the aesthetics of the area, promoting the potential of the community, and injecting resources that will foster business development and growth.