We Are Duke Heights

DUKE Heights is the top BIA in Toronto and the source of pride for many of the key business owners and employees who call this their community. Here’s a collection of videos that portray what it means to be part of DUKE Heights. All the videos are tagged with the hashtag (#) We Are DUKE Heights. Please feel free to share these videos with your social and business circles.

The videos posted here show a cross section of people in the DUKE Heights area talking about their vision of the future or their current perception of the area. We have everyone from the Councilor of the ward, Anthony Peruzza to the Chief City Planner, Jennifer Keesmat talking about DUKE Heights. Naturally, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Lew Plliam, as well as a number of Board members also give their views. We also feature business owners, employees and not-for-profit entities in these videos. As a member of the DUKE Heights, you can do your part to promote this dynamic new area by sharing or posting these videos.

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