eBay Canada Launches Accelerator Program to Help Retailers Transition to Sell Online

Through, eBay Up & Running, eBay will give new businesses a free basic eBay store for three months – offering access to the marketplace’s 180+ million buyers around the world.

With the new online storefront, eBay will waive selling fees for these new businesses, and allow them to sell up to 500 items for free.

New eBay sellers will also receive the guidance and resources they need to run their business on eBay – including a suite of exclusive marketing and merchandising tools, customization features to build a brand, discounted shipping supplies and more.

Through Up & Running, eBay will provide educational webinars, individual support, and access to experienced sellers willing to mentor those who are new to eCommerce. https://pages.ebay.ca/newsmbseller/supportSMB.html