DUKE Employers

DUKE Employers is focused on tangibly building the competitiveness of its businesses by helping them to grow and out-perform their sector peers across Canada and around the world. To do so, DUKE Heights has set out to be a revolutionary force in the Business Improvement Area (BIA) space by coupling a sector-specific business model with an intuitive pathway to employment for in-demand jobs. We have dubbed this process, the Employment Hub. To capture every type of industry in the BIA and to better understand their needs, DUKE Heights has clustered their businesses into five key sectors, which we’ve listed below: 

DUKE Food  

DUKE Furniture 

DUKE Health 

DUKE Pharma 

DUKE Professionals 


DUKE Heights is here to help you build a workforce who is passionate about your business and loyal to achieving your business goals over the long term.  We work closely with employment agencies to craft the right message for the right job so that employers get the workforce they want and need.  


We make the training process for new hires simple, effective and automatic for employers. DUKE Heights works closely with different stakeholders to develop specialized training pathways modeled to your sector and delivered just when you need it most. The DUKE Heights’ Employment Hub was developed for just this purpose in mind, to create a demand-sector pipeline that will help businesses find the talent they need, and the training workers require to be successful on the job. DUKE has formed partnerships with academic institutions to attract and connect the next generation of skilled workers to experiential placements like apprenticeships and paid internships right here in the BIA. 


DUKE strengthens the marketing capacity of their businesses in the BIA by offering them the chance to reach out to a new audience of consumers, future employees, investors, and supporters through DUKE Perks and DUKE Featured. Our marketing partnerships, coupled with DUKE Perks, has enabled us to offer businesses in the BIA a fuller suite of marketing services at a discounted rate. Here are some of the marketing agencies we work with: 

Digital Main Street 


Napkin Marketing 

US Communications 


We help businesses scale to new heights whether you need to expand the production floor or get export-ready, DUKE Employers will connect you with the experts and knowledge you need to accelerate your growth. With DUKE Heights accessing public funding has never been easier than with the help of the City of Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture division, who will connect you with a dedicated team of economic development specialists for every facet of your business. To find out more, contact Ron Wandel, Senior Business Development Officer, City of Toronto at ronald.wandel@toronto.ca

When you need a larger investment, DUKE Employers can help you find the right mix of funding packages to fit you and your business.

 Current programs

  • Ontario Scale-Up Vouchers Program is designed to help high-potential businesses to secure up to $1 million in funding to scale up, increase sales, secure the right talent, and access the right capital. To learn more, click here. 
  • MaRS Catalyst Fund awards funding to Canadian Companies whose businesses benefit society or the environment in an impactful way. Eligible businesses can expect to receive first round funding up to $350, 000 and additional years of funding as high as $1, 050, 000. To apply, click here. 
  • MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund seeks out businesses who are passionate about what they are bringing to market and who need the seed funding to make it happen. To apply, click here, send an email to iaf@marsdd.com, or call 647-255-1080.  
  • The Funding Portal Search Tool is a business’ best friend when it comes to getting a comprehensive look at the kinds of public funding available to your business locally, provincially and federally. To learn more, click here.   


To find out what DUKE Heights BIA can do for your business, contact us at employmenthub@dukeheights.ca or by phone at 416-739-1621.