DUKE Entrepreneurs

The DUKE Heights Business Improvement Area (BIA) is home to some of Toronto’s most talented entrepreneurs who want to impact the world and their communities all at the same time. DUKE Entrepreneurs work hard to build up the capacity of start-up businesses every step of the way. 


At the DUKE Heights BIA, businesses get one-on-one mentorship from industry experts who know exactly how to take businesses from start to launch. We can help you incubate your business ideas at the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (or YEDI for short), who offers expert-driven workshops, training and mentorship to accelerate the most promising businesses in the BIA. To apply to join YEDI’s incubator track, click here, send an email to info@yedinstitute.org, or call 647-919-9334. Once you have your team in place, find a place for your business at Northspace, Forbes Magazine’s top 10 best working spaces on earth! To reserve your spot, click here or send an email to info@northspace.ca . However, no matter your size, learn the legal ins and outs of running a business with DUKE Law, which connects you to reliable legal information and referrals provided in partnership with Osgoode Hall Law School. To access this resource, click here.


DUKE Heights helps you attract the right funding when you need it most. Accessing public funding has never been easier than with the help of the City of Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture division, who will connect you with a dedicated team of economic development specialists who understand the needs of entrepreneurs in the BIA. To find out more, contact Chris Rickett, Manager of Entrepreneurship Services, City of Toronto at 416-395-7474. 

Once you turn your start-up into a growing business, Ontario’s Network of Entrepreneurs has the right mix of funding packages to fit you and your business. 

Current Programs

  • Ontario Scale-Up Vouchers Program is designed to help high-potential entrepreneurs to secure up to $1 million in funding to scale up, increase sales, secure the right talent, and access the right capital. To learn more, click here. 
  • MaRS Catalyst Fund awards funding to Canadian Companies whose businesses benefit society or the environment in an impactful way. Eligible entrepreneurs can expect to receive first round funding up to $350, 000 and additional years of funding as high as $1, 050, 000. To apply, click here.
  • MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund seeks out entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they are bringing to market and who need the seed funding to make it happen. To apply, click here, send an email to iaf@marsdd.com, or call 647-255-1080.  
  • The Funding Portal Search Tool is an entrepreneurs best friend when it comes to getting a comprehensive look at the kinds of public funding available to your business locally, provincially and federally. To learn more, click here.

To find out what DUKE Heights BIA is doing for entrepreneurs, contact us at employmenthub@dukeheights.ca or by phone at 416 -739-1621.