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Dr. Laffa

2 Champagne Drive, Unit B6, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 3H7
(647) 352-9000
Featured on the Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here!, Dr. Laffa on the Go is a taste above ordinary! The proud family tradition of baking [...]

Zonin Food Corp (Bagel Factory)

1450 Whitehorse Rd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 3A7
Starting from humble beginnings in 1986, they have steadily grown to become a diversified manufacturer and distributor of high quality baked and frozen dough [...]

Total Cleanse

1111 Finch Ave W #21, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 2E5
(647) 230-3699
Total Cleanse uses a mix of organic and locally sourced fruits and vegetables to offer up a unique variety of cold-pressed juices designed to [...]

Panchita’s Kitchen and Bakery

1300 Finch Ave. W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 3K2
(647) 350-3999
Panchita’s Kitchen and Bakery serves the residents of North York exquisite breakfasts, soups, beef and chicken dishes, pupusas, and much more!

Caribbean Cove

3585 Keele Street, Unit 5, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 3H5
(416) 635-7997
Caribbean Cove offers good food, good vibes and good company. They specialize in serving authentic Guyanese and Chinese food (Halal) for everyone to enjoy. Some [...]

Aji Sushi Restaurant

4207 Keele St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(416) 630-6333
All-you-can-eat Japanese & Chinese fare & à la carte sushi/sashimi in spacious, modern environs.

Sunrise bar & Grill

73 Alness Street, Unit 6 M3J 2H2
Bar and restaurant. Basic, nofrills diner with patio seating & a menu of Greek, Italian & North American comfort foods.

York Fish Company Limited

795 Alness Street M3J 2H8
York Fish Company Limited is a fish and seafood merchant and wholesaler.

Sandwich Plus

877 Alness Street, Unit 1 M3J 2X4
Sandwich Plus II is an eating establishment that offers breakFast and lunches.


917 Alness Street M3J 2J1
Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory proudly serves Distributors, retailers, and consumers across Ontario with their great deals on sausages, hotdogs, burgers, steaks and much more.

Coby’s Cookies Inc.

48 Ashwarren Road M3J 1Z5
Coby Cookies Inc. takes care of all their catering needs for that special event. Whether it be a birthday party, Baby shower, daily snacks [...]

Olivia’s Cake Pops (Travis J Bell Family trust)

14 Ashwarren Road M3J 1Z5
Olivia’s Cake Pop’s have delicious cake centers that are generously enrobed in rich, velvet chocolatey coating and topped with a variety of beautiful rainbow [...]

Z.teca Gourmet Burritos

3710 Chesswood Drive, Unit 220 M3J 2W4
A simple and focused menu built around the philosophy of do a few things but do them really well. They hand-craft all Their menu [...]

Cafe Saggio

4069 Chesswood Drive, Unit A1 M3J 2R8
Cafe Saggio is a deli/cafe. They offer delivery and catering services. The Cafe also offers breakFast, beverages, cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, and soup.


4580 Dufferin Street, Unit 100 M3H 5Y2
DRUXY’S Famous Deli is dedicated to serving you high quality deli fare served just the way you want it. That’s why their menu is [...]

Teta’s Mediterranean Kitchen & Bakery

4610 Dufferin Street, Unit 19B M3H 5S4
Teta’s Mediterranean Kitchen And Bakery brings you fresh and healthy traditional Lebanese artisanal baked goods and a variety of foods. They invite you to [...]

Moldova restaurant

5000 Dufferin Street, Unit A1 M3H 5T5
Come enjoy Their homemade menu of authentic Russian, Moldavian, Romanian and Ukrainian cuisines. They await you with Their familyfriendly atmosphere, great service, and delicious [...]

Kum Kang San restaurant

5050 Dufferin Street, Unit 124, 126 M3H 5T5
Kum Kang San is a restaurant in North York, specializing in Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Mr. Greek

1000 Finch Avenue West, Unit 100 M3J 2V5
Yiassou and welcome to the world of MR.GREEK; the largest and Fastest growing Greek Mediterranean restaurant franchise in North America! They prepare each meal [...]

Yunan Kitchen Delights

1300 Finch Avenue West, Unit 123 M3J 3K2
Yunan Kitchen Delights is an extremely simple Chinese restaurant in the Keele and Finch area specializing in Yunnan dishes. It’s one of the very [...]


1027 Finch Avenue West, Unit 6 M3J 2C7
Subway is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 44,000 locations around the world. We’ve become the leading choice for people seeking [...]

Wraps & Jerk

1046 Finch Avenue West M3J 2E2
Wraps & Jerk is a Caribbean restaurant in North York.

Noodle On Finch

1054 Finch Avenue West M3J 2E2
Offers a variety of Asian noodle dishes, from pad Thai to teriyaki.

KitiMai Tea and Coffee Inc.

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 20 M3J 2T2
Importers of fine coffees and teas, carrying over 50 coffees and 300 teas in stock. Fresh roasted in Toronto quality guranteed. Their Teas are [...]


1300 Finch Avenue West, Unit 31 & 32 M3J 3K2
Subway is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 44,000 locations around the world. We’ve become the leading choice for people seeking [...]

HG Bar & restaurant

3585 Keele Street, Unit 5 M3J 3H5
This mashup of German and Chinese cuisines in North York on Steeles offers everything from pork hocks to Chinese rice and noodles.

Amman TakeOut & Catering

3585 Keele Street, Unit 11 M3J 3H5
Come and enjoy delicious Indian and Thai cuisines.

Kiem Bo Vietnamese restaurant

3685 Keele Street, Unit 6 M3J 3H6
This Vietnamese restaurant offers a casual ambiance in the Downsview area of Toronto. Kiem Bo Vietnamese restaurant features a complete Vietnamese inspired menu, and [...]

Piccola Citta Bar & Cafe

3685 Keele Street, Unit 1B M3J 3H6
Piccola Citta Bar & Cafe is a moderately priced casual Coffee & bar cafe located in the Downsview area of North Toronto.

McDonald’s restaurant

3929 Keele Street M3J 1N6
McDonald’s Canada is the Canadian Master franchise of the Fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s, owned by the American parent McDonald’s Corporation. One of Canada’s largest [...]

Randy’s Sports Bar

4801 Keele Street, Unit 62 M3J 3A4
Randy’s Sports bar & restaurant serves up a menu of pub classics. Enjoy live DJ’s on Friday and Saturday nights or sporting events on [...]

The Soup Kettle

40 Kodiak Crescent, Unit 6 M3J 3G5
The Soup Kettle is a restaurant in North York.

Chapman’s Catering

130 Lepage Court, Unit 9 M3J 3J1
Catered Affairs By Chapman offers food catering services.


1123 Lodestar Road M3J 0G9
Subway is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 44,000 locations around the world. We’ve become the leading choice for people seeking [...]

Famous Laffa restaurant

401 Magnetic Drive, Unit 39-49 M3J 3H9
Famous for Their traditional fresh & delicious Laffa flat bread, Famous Laffa’s restaurants are dedicated to the founding pillars of this business. This consist [...]

Eccolo Food Service Inc.

610 Magnetic Drive M3J 2C4
Eccolo Food Service Inc. is a food products supplier.

Starbucks Coffee

170 Rimrock Road, Unit 3 M3J 3A6
The Starbucks Corporation is the largest coffeehouse company in the world. Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability.

McDonald’s restaurant

150 Rimrock Road M3J 3A6
McDonald’s Canada is the Canadian Master franchise of the Fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s, owned by the American parent McDonald’s Corporation. One of Canada’s largest [...]

Baba Ganoush Shawarma

1150 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 7 M3K 2B5
Baba Ganoush Shawarma specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. They offer a variety of main courses, such as grilled meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes, and [...]

Almost Perfect Thrift Frozen Foods

1150 Sheppard Avenue West M3K 2B5
Almost Perfect carries mainly frozen foods and “thrift foods”: products which have been overproduced or discontinued and are therefore sold at a large discount.

Montana’s BBQ & Bar

2011 Steeles Avenue West M3J 3N3
We’re lovers of the grill and that’s how we’ve become smokin’ grill experts. Want to bite into perfectly in-house smoked ribs or a ridiculously [...]
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