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Murati Accounting

714 - 1070 Sheppard Ave. W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 0G8
(416) 389-5218
Chartered Professional accountants providing tax and full cycle accounting services for individuals and small businesses.

Lyndsay Park – Financial Associate, Experior Financial Group

1060 Sheppard Ave West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 0G7
(647) 385-2635
Helping clients with insurance protection, savings and debt solutions, investment options, and more. Free consultations always available.


53 Bakersfield Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J1Z4
(647) 888-4001
Distribution of Various Financial Services. Our Mission is help families achieve Financial Independence.

MIAccounting & Income Tax Inc.

61 Alness Street, Unit 218 M3J 2H2
MIAccounting & Income Tax Inc. provide a variety of quality accounting services including personal services such as income tax.


700 Alness Street M3J 2H5
CIBC’s vision is to be the leader in client relationships in the finance sector. They will build the most trusting and enduring client relationships [...]

Halo Financial Services

4515 Chesswood Drive, Unit Q M3J 2V6
Halo Financial is a full service managing general agent (MGA) operating in Ontario, Canada. Halo Financial specializes in life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability [...]

Alan A.M. Weisbrod C.A

312 Dolomite Drive, Unit 206 M3J 2N2
lan Weisbrod graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Business Management degree and in 1984 obtained his Chartered Accountant degree. For [...]

Nordexe Financial

1120 Finch Avenue West, Unit 104 M3J 3H7
Independently owned and operated company of the Mortgage Alliance network.

Power Can Financial Services Inc.

4580 Dufferin Street, Unit 306 M3H 5Y2
Power-Can Financial Services Inc. is a Registered mortgage brokerage in the province of Ontario, Canada. They specialize in hard-to-place mortgages and other related financial [...]

Your Accounting Cloud

4610 Dufferin St, Unit 212, Ontario, Canada M3H 5S4
(416) 665-7254
YAC offers expert CPA-licensed bookkeeping, tax, accounting, & consulting services for your small business – available on the cloud whenever and wherever you need [...]

Serge Portnoy Chartered Accountant

4580 Dufferin Street, Unit 401 M3H 5Y2
The office of Serge Portnoy, CA is a full service tax and accounting firm. His background in small business manufacturing combined with the professional [...]

Hutchinson Cowling LLP

5000 Dufferin Street, Unit 200 M3H 5T5
Business Management Consultant- Concentrating on owner-managed businesses: Accounting and Audit, Corporate and Personal Tax, Management Consulting, and many more.

Use My Services

1881 Steeles Avenue West, Unit 233 M3H 5Y4
UseMyServices Inc. is an innovative company focused on providing an alternative in the existing payment processing market place. This is done by providing the [...]

Natasha Onyshchenko Mortgages

5000 Dufferin Street, Unit 215 M3H 5T5
Natasha Onyshchenko offers assistance with mortgagerelated services.

Scotiabank Finch and Dufferin branch

845 Finch Avenue West M3J 2C7
The Bank of Nova Scotia, commonly known as Scotiabank, is the third largest bank in Canada by deposits and market capitalization.

Micro Management

1000 Finch Avenue West, Unit 302 M3J 2V5
For over 25 years Micro Management has provided business management and accounting services for businesses and individuals. From small sole proprietorship to larger corporations, [...]

Le Chung & Company

1111 Finch Avenue West, Unit 304 M3J 2E5
Le Chung & Company offers a variety of accounting services. Contact their office for more information.

Stanley Gangbar Chartered Accountant

1111 Finch Avenue West, Unit 303, 305, 307, 309, 311 M3J 2E5
Certified Management Accountants.

Victoria Apanovich & Company

1183 Finch Avenue West, Unit 201 M3J 2G2
Victoria Apanovich is a Chartered Accountant and offers a variety of financial services, including bookkeeping, taxation, financial planning and more.

Elson Financial Group

1111 Finch Avenue West, Unit 201A M3J 2E5
Elson Financial Group offers financial and accounting services. Contact the office for more information.

Cooper & Co.

1120 Finch Avenue West, Unit 108 M3J 3H7
Receive their bankruptcy, debt consolidation and solutions from Cooper & Co. Ltd. They are a federally-licensed trustee and proposal administrator with branches in GTA, [...]

Ron Klein, Trustee in Bankruptcy

1111 Finch Avenue West, Suite 205, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 2E5
Licensed Insolvency Trustee offering bankruptcy and consumer proposal solutions for debt problems. All consultations are FREE.

Maple Financial Services

1280 Finch Avenue West, Unit 403 M3J 3K6
Maple Financial Services is located at 1280 Finch Avenue West and offers financial services.

Defensa Hispana

1280 Finch Avenue West, Unit 603 M3J 3K6
If you drive a car, you need auto insurance. In fact, it’s the law. But there is also a number of other good reasons [...]

Rumanek & Company

1280 Finch Avenue West, Unit 714 M3J 3K6
Trustee In Bankruptcy & Administrators of Proposals. They take pride in dealing with Their clients as individuals. They feel that a personal approach and [...]

Finch Alness Variety

1050 Finch Avenue West, Unit 201 M3J 2E2
Finch Alness investments offers investment advisory services.

Cash 4 You

1101 Finch Avenue West, Unit 6 M3J 2C9
Cash 4 You aims to provide customers Fast and friendly service and immediate access to cash though services such as payday loans, cashed cheques, [...]

Joe C.Dwek

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 200 M3J 2T2
Joe C. Dwek is an accountant in North York, offering a variety of financial and investment related services.

Antipova Financial Services

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 300 M3J 2T2
Irina Antipova, Branch Manager Licensed to sell Immigration trusts, Asset protection trusts and Mortgages. Preferred areas of practice: Residential and Commercial Mortgages, Refinancing, Debt [...]

Stan Seidenfeld Tax and Bookkeeping Services

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 520 M3J 2T2
Stan Seidenfeld Tax and Bookkeeping Services offers a variety of accounting, tax, and other financial services.

City Credit Solutions Inc.

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 808 M3J 2T2
At City Credit Solutions Inc they help individuals solve their customers’ credit debt problems and re-establish their credit. They are a Canadian owned and [...]

Russo & Panay, Associates

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 714 M3J 2T2
Russo & Panay are CGA certified accountants, offering a variety of financial services.

White Gold Financial Services

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 904 M3J 2T2
WhiteGold Financial offers an “all“in-one” service ranging from accounting and tax, mortgages, debt solutions, and business restructuring. Their mission is to provide Their clients [...]

Aridan Financial Group

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 407 M3J 2T2
You’ve come to the right place! Discover why individuals, small business owners and corporations turn to them first for year round accounting services. They [...]

David Tonken & Associates

1183 Finch Avenue West, Unit 203 M3J 2G2
David Tonken & Associates offers bookkeeping and other financial services.

Cappe, Steinman Chartered Accountants LLP

1183 Finch Avenue West, Unit 201 M3J 2G2
Cappe, Steinman Chartered Accountants LLP offers a variety of accounting, tax, consulting and other financial services. They view every client relationship like a partnership, [...]

WNI Chartered Accountants

1183 Finch Avenue West, Unit 305 M3J 2G2
WNI Chartered Accountants provides accounting services in North York.

Finex Associates Inc.

1183 Finch Avenue West, Unit 301 M3J 2G2
FinEx developed a comprehensive Internal Control Solution that focused on the top level controls and was based on risk, and could easily be customized [...]

LPS Money systems Inc.

1111 Flint Road, Unit 5 M3J 3C7
Since 1997, providing Canadian consumers and nbusinesses with convenient low cost coin redemption, ncoin processing equipment and services.

Clear Vision International Group Inc.

4699 Keele Street, Unit 207 M3J 2N8
Clearvision International Group Inc. is offers tax and accounting services, including: Financial statement audits, General accounting services, Corporate and personal tax return preparation, Tax [...]

Ezekiel Ekeh Financial, Tax & estate Accountant

4699 Keele Street, Unit 204 & 215 M3J 2N8
Mr. Ezekiel Ekeh is a financial and tax accountant. With over 30 years of experience as a professional, entrepreneur, and an administrator; Mr. Ekeh [...]

Brokers trust Insurance Group Inc

401 Magnetic Drive, Unit 3 M3J 3H9
Brokers trust Insurance Group is a leading and truly independent Ontario insurance brokerage delivering expertise in a full range of products and services including [...]

Reiter & Nadas Chartered Accountants

800 Petrolia Road, Unit 7 M3J 3K4
Reiter & Nadas Chartered Accountants offers a variety of accounting services.

Power Corp Capital

265 Rimrock Road, Unit 207 M3J 3C6
Business and Personal Insurance Services, estate Planning and Portfolio Management

Gardner Zuk Dessen

265 Rimrock Road, Unit 205 M3J 3C6
Gardner Zuk Dessen provides professional tax, accounting and advisory services to a variety of companies. Their practice has focused on servicing the Construction and [...]

Medelia International Consultants Inc

265 Rimrock Road M3J 3C6
Medelia International Consultants Inc offers a variety of financial services, including financial planning.

Rajendra Kushwah CGA

1060 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 110 M3J 0G7
Kushwah CGA is committed to providing trusted professional accounting and tax services to business community, helping them in minimization of taxes and maximization of [...]

Silverberg, Perel, Sheldon Chartered Accountants

1170 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 10 M3K 2A3
Silverberg, Perel, Sheldon provide accounting services.

BDO Canada Limited

1150 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 4 M3K 2B5
Debt can be stressful, but there are options. BDO Downsview will explore ALL of their financial options including debt settlement and debt consolidation through [...]

Global Benefits

88 St Regis Crescent South M3J 1Y6
At Global Benefits services extend beyond benefit, pension Administration, health and welfare and group legal but meets the needs of each membership. They are [...]

Shilling Optical

115 St Regis Crescent North M3J 1Y9
Shilling Optical takes pride in offering you their latest eyeglass case and accessory catalogue. Shilling Optical’s philosophy of quality and innovation continues to emerge [...]

Supertest Holdings Inc.

560 Supertest Road M3J 2M6
Supertest Holdings Inc. is a bank holding company.

Gammond investment Limited

26 Tangiers Road M3J 2B2
With 53 years in the finance industry and counting, Gammond investment Limited is wellpositioned to provide you with the very best in financial, insurance [...]

Echo Auto Group

47 Toro Road, Unit A M3J 2A4
They specialize in helping customers repair their credit. If you are having difficulties getting a car loan approval, They have a special program to [...]

Harvey Tator, CPA, CA

4646 Dufferin Street, Unit 6 M3H 5S4
Harvey Tator is a Chartered Professional Accountant in North York.
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