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Endless Possibilities and Hope Development Organization

1280 Finch Ave West, Suite #207, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 3K6
(627) 293-2658
Endless Possibilities & Hope Development Organization is a registered Canadian Charitable Organization dedicated to uplifting humanity through various programmes and initiatives, with a particular [...]

National Job Agency

1280 Finch Avenue West, Unit 502 M3J 3K6
National Job Agency offers a complete range of staffing services to keep pace with their career or operational demands. Their staffing and recruitment services [...]

North York Women’s Shelter

1140 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 2 M3K 2A2
North York Women’s Shelter is a place of safety, support and hope for women and their children who are survivors of violence and abuse. [...]


61 Alness Street, Unit 220 M3J 2H2
Nishma is an international Torah research, resource and educational endeavor devoted to the further development of a wise and understanding people.


21 Kodiak Crescent M3J 3E5
Designed with startups and small businesses in mind, Northspace aims to be a platform that fosters creative collaborations between community members by promoting entrepreneurship, [...]

Next steps Employment Centre (TDSB)

3701 Chesswood Drive, Unit 100 M3J 2P6
Welcome to the Next-steps Employment Centres, operated by the Toronto District School Board, where job seekers and employers can access a full range of [...]

Access Independent Living Services

50 Ashwarren Road M3J 1Z5
Access Independent Living Services is a non-profit charitable organization that provides services in personal care, non-personal assistance, housekeeping, routing maintenance or equipment, applying for [...]

Downsview Seventh Day Adventist Church

37 Bakersfield Street M3J 1Z4
Downsview Seventh-day Adventist Church is a loving church. They have various Ministries to meeting the needs of Their community and Their members. They seek [...]

TRC- Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.

2 Brisbane Road M3J 2J8
Toronto Research Chemicals, TRC, was founded in 1982 by Dr. David Dime to manufacture and supply researchers in the biomedical fields with specialized complex [...]

The House Upon the Rock of Deliverance Ministry

480 Champagne Drive M3J 2T9
Charitable Organization; Deliverance Church

Tzivos Hashem Canada Inc

3727 Chesswood Drive M3J 2P6
Tzivos Hashem is a global organization of Jewish boys and girls up to age thirteen. It is designed to serve as the umbrella of [...]

Laborers’ International Union of North America

3750 Chesswood Road M3J 2W6
LIUNA! the Laborers’ International Union of North America is the most progressive, aggressive and Fastest-growing union of Construction workers, and one of the most [...]

Development For Freedom International

4490 Chesswood Drive, Unit 10 M3J 2B9
Development for Freedom International (DFI) is a Christian based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to restore fragmented and dysfunctional families while serving underprivileged women and [...]

CAS North and Etobicoke Branch

20 De Boers Drive, Unit 250 M3J 0H1
CAS (children’s Aid Society) of Toronto- North and Etobicoke Branch- prevents situations that lead to child abuse and neglect by embracing, strengthening and supporting [...]

YMCA of Greater Toronto

4580 Dufferin Street, Unit 200 M3H 5Y2
The YMCA of Greater Toronto is a charity focused on community support and development. Their aim is to provide every individual in Their community [...]

Jewish National Fund of Canada

1000 Finch Avenue West, Unit 700 M3J 2V5
The work of Jewish National Fund of Canada includes ares of impact such as community development, research and development, water preservation, forestry and environment, [...]

O.A.T.C. (Ontario Addiction Treatment CentresNorth/Yor

1111 Finch Avenue West, Unit 100D M3J 2E5
Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, the Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres is committed to improve the lives of individuals living with the devastating effects of drug [...]

Casa Maiz Cultural Centre

1280 Finch Avenue West, Unit 204 M3J 3K6
While Casa Maíz aims to facilitate cultural exchange with Latin America, Their main commitment is to promote cultural encounters within the Latin American community [...]


1280 Finch Avenue West, Unit 203 M3J 3K6
ASHTOR, Association Seniors Hispanic Greater Toronto is a non-profit organization that was incorporated in September 2003. Its main objective is to bring together seniors [...]

Day by Day Christian Ministries

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 27 M3J 2T2
Day By Day Christian Ministries believes forgiving is in the heart of Christian doctrine. But anger, hatred, and desire for vengeance are also recurrent [...]

Jesus’ Disciples Christian Church

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 21 M3J 2T2
JDCC is an independent, non sectarian, bible based Christian Church which main goal is to reach ALL people from ALL nations to the saving [...]

restoration Christian Ministries

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 13 M3J 2T2
restoration Christian Ministries (RCM) seeks to meet the spiritual needs of the people and to bring them into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ [...]

Toronto Onsesang Presbyterian Church

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 12 M3J 3M2
Toronto Onsesang Presbyterian Church is a Korean Christian congregation for the purpose of propagating Christian faith by providing Christian worship services to the Korean [...]

Sovereign staffing Inc.

1183 Finch Avenue West, Unit 501 M3J 2G2
Sovereign staffing Inc. is an employment agency located in North York.

Vietnamese Association Toronto

3585 Keele Street, Unit 13 M3J 3H5
Vietnamese Association, Toronto provides settlement and adaptation services to newcomers to help them integrate and participate successfully in Canadian society.

Genetron systems Inc.

4801 Keele Street, Unit 34 M3J 3A4
Genetron systems Inc. is an ecological engineering firm creating self-sustaining indoor and outdoor ecosystems that significantly improve the overall wellness and aesthetics of building [...]

Alpha Wire E.D.M Inc.

65 Martin Ross Avenue, Unit 14 M3J 2L6
Highquality copper wire, cable, and tubing accessories.

Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations

1170 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 15 M3K 2A3
The Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations is an umbrella organization representing 17 member associations in Canada, which include approximately 50,000 Canadians of Turkish origin. [...]

Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Union

1170 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 49 M3K 2A3
The Brick and Allied Craft Union of Canada (BACU). The BACU is an independent Canadian Construction union founded in 1998. The BACU is a [...]

Iglesia Adventista Del Septimo Dia

60 St Regis Crescent South M3J 1Y8
Iglesia Adventista Del Septimo Dia or Seventhday Adventist Church is a Hispanic church in North York.

Mount Zion Filipino Seventh Day Adventist Church

140 St Regis Crescent South M3J 1Y8
Mount Zion Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church has a church membership of more than 600 and a permanent home in its present location (140 St. [...]

M.S.M Group

2777 Steeles Avenue West, Unit 100 M3J 3K5
M.S.M. Group is a job placement agency in Toronto specializing in providing skilled professionals and general labor staffing services to client companies seeking employees [...]

International Union of Painters & Allied Trades Ontario

132 Toro Road M3J 2A9
The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades represents men and women in North America who work in the Finishing Trades of commercial and [...]

Power of Yoga Foundation

3 Whitehorse Road, Unit 13 M3J 3G8
Programs consist of education, recreation, and social integration for children, seniors and the disabled through yoga.

The Prayer House

1179 Finch Avenue West, Unit 21 M3J 2G1
The Prayer House is a Spanishspeaking Christian church in North York.

JVS Toronto

1280 Finch Avenue West, Unit 607 M3J 3K6
their Source for Employment in Toronto and York Region. This location provides general employment services for adults and specialized services for newcomers and the [...]

Church Of God Deliverance Centre

3715 Keele Street, Unit 13 M3J 1N1
Church Of God Deliverance Centre aims to lead other to come to experience the love of God through bible based teachings, evangelism, fellowship and [...]

Liberty Christian Centre

4801 Keele Street, Unit 41 M3J 3A4
Liberty Christian Centre aims to create through small group a community where unloved and hurting people can experience an atmosphere of love, healing, forgiveness, [...]

Sickle Cell Association Of Ontario

4610 Dufferin Street, Unit 205 M3H 5T3
The Sickle Cell Association of Ontario (SCAO) is Ontario’s oldest organization dedicated to serving the sickle cell community. established in 1981, SCAO continues to [...]

Toronto Kurdish Community

1290 Finch Avenue West, Unit 7 M3J 3K3
To construct closer relation among Kurdish, by exchange of cultural and social activities and extension of cooperation among them by celebrating cherished Kurdish national [...]

Zion Sacred Heart Christian Church

1179 Finch Avenue West, Unit 5 M3J 2G1
Zion Sacred Heart Christian Church is a Christian place of worship.

Jesus Miracle Crusade

1181 Finch Avenue West, Unit 1 M3J 2V8
Jesus Miracle Crusade is a Christian outreach organization.

last Days Pentecostal Ministries

1181 Finch Avenue West, Unit 18 M3J 2V8
last Days Pentecostal Ministries comprises a community of people who live in joyful communion with Christ resulting in His character, compassion, and charisma (giftings) [...]

Canadian Automobile Sport Club

1110 Finch Avenue West, Unit 222 M3J 2T2
CASC ONTARIO REGION is Ontario’s governing body of automobile sport, and is comprised of over 27 automobile and sport enthusiast clubs within Ontario. The [...]

Christian Hope Ministries International

1177 Finch Avenue West, Unit 20 M3J 2E9
Christian Hope Ministries International is a religious institution in North York.

Double Grace Anointing Church

1177 Finch Avenue West, Unit 16 M3J 2E9
Double Grace Anointing Church is a Christian place of worship, or the selfproclaimed house of God where the Spirit of God dwells, to save, [...]

Shalom For All Nations Church

1177 Finch Avenue West, Unit 26 M3J 2E9
Shalom for All Nations Church is an evangelical church that embraces diversity and multiculturalism.


909 Alness Street, Unit C M3J 2J1
YouthSpeak aims to empower youth who face challenges through leadership training, in order to increase their social and emotional strengths and positively impact their [...]

HTheir Of Praise Assembly

1181 Finch Avenue West, Unit 4 M3J 2V8
HTheir Of Praise Assembly is a religious organization in North York.
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