Request for Proposal – DUKE Heights BIA Zoning By-Law Report


The DUKE Heights Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a significant area of growth within the city of Toronto. The BIA intents to facilitate the area’s potential by developing a planning initiative to identify and address obstacles that prevent its intensification as a major transit hub with high-density employment uses and a mixed-use centre at Keele and Finch. The goal of the planning initiative is to establish a vision as what the area will be in 2050.
In order to do so, the BIA will hire planning consultant services to consolidate the BIA’s planning vision and establish direction for the development of a planning strategy for the area. Before hiring this planning consultant and moving forward with the development of the planning initiative, a BIA-initiated Zoning By-Law consultation needs to be undertaken. This request is to acquire Zoning by-Law consultation services.

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