Student Placements

Take the guesswork out of recruiting your new workforce with DUKE Student Placements


DUKE Student Placements is an intermediary workforce service that connects businesses in the DUKE Heights BIA area with post-secondary students and recent graduates in the surrounding community free of charge. This service began through a community partnership with Osgoode Hall Law School to place law students and recent graduates within businesses in the BIA. Since then, we have expanded the service to place students and recent graduates who have the skills, interest and desire to learn, into businesses where there is a match of skills and potential to ensure both the growth of the business and the individual.

How it works

Any business, startup, not-for-profit or social enterprise who is looking to expand their workforce is eligible to hire a student or recent graduate through DUKE Student Placements. For businesses offering short-term contracts or exploratory job roles in areas where their company seeks to expand, hiring a current post-secondary student is the best choice. Students are recruited three times a year in the months leading up to September, January and May. The duration of a placement varies but it typically occurs over a 4, 8, 12, or 16-month period. Similarly, for businesses looking to hire for full-time employment, recent graduates looking to work in the DUKE Heights BIA area is the right choice for talent.

Once a business knows the kind of workforce to hire next, there are funding options available to businesses of any size, startups, not-for-profits and social enterprises to train, hire or receive a tax credit for hiring a student or recent graduate. A list of current funding resources is provided to every business who submits a job description to DUKE Student Placements.

To start a DUKE Student Placement, email us a job description for a paid internship or fulltime placement at with subject line: Student Placement.