Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Reduce Reuse Recycle in DUKE Heights

We work closely with our members and stakeholders to identify and implement strategies to help reduce the cost of waste removal, implement recycling programs and reduce water consumption.

The DUKE Heights Sustainability Office will also be working closely with Toronto Hydro and Enbridge Gas Distribution to help our members reduce their utility consumption and expenses and to tap into the potential of generating green renewable energy.

Waste Audit by The Compost Council

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The Compost Council of Canada is partnering with DUKE Heights BIA to help selected businesses develop their own tailor-made, cost-effective, climate-smart programs for reducing waste. They are seeking businesses exclusively from DUKE Heights BIA to participate in a program to assess their current waste management practices and opportunities for added diversion and potential cost savings. This program, supported by Partners in Climate Action, is heading our way in the later this year.

With the help from industry experts, participating businesses will review their existing waste management processes and seek ways to improve diversion results, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The experts will conduct waste audits to assess results at the beginning and the end. The Council will maintain confidentiality of the results unless otherwise requested. The team will also help participants design a system that makes sense for their organizations, both environmentally and economically.

This is a great opportunity to get free help before some of these practices become mandatory. Regulatory changes are coming soon from the provincial government for implementing a new waste management framework, which is going to enforce a whole new set of obligations for businesses of all types and sizes. Why not take this opportunity to step up your game ahead of others, while future-proofing your waste management process and greening your bottom-line at the same time?

If your business is in the DUKE Heights area and you are interested to learn more, reach out to Susan Antler, the Executive Director of Compost Council of Canada, at or send your queries to DUKE Heights BIA at