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Work-Sharing Program extension (WS)

What is it?

  • Work-Sharing (WS) is a program that helps employers and employees avoid layoffs when there is a temporary decrease in business activity beyond the control of the emplo
  • The program provides Employment Insurance (EI) benefits to eligible employees who agree to reduce their normal working hours and share the available work while their employer recovers. Work-Sharing is an agreement between employers, employees and the Government of Canada.
  • Effective March 15, 2020 to March 14, 2021, and not limited to one specific sector or industry, The Government is extending the maximum duration of the Work-Sharing program from 38 weeks to 76 weeks.

Who is eligible?

  • The Work-Sharing program is offered to workers who agree to reduce their normal working hours because of developments beyond the control of their employers.

Eligible Employers:

  • a year-round business in Canada for at least 1 year
  • a private business or a publicly held company; and
  • have at least 2 employees in the WS unit
  • Extended to not-for-profit employers experiencing a shortage of work due to a reduction of business activity and/or a reduction in revenue levels due to COVID-19.

Eligible Employees:

  • a year-round, permanent, full-time or part-time employee needed to carry out the day-to-day functions of the business (your “core staff”).
  • be eligible to receive EI benefits; and
  • agree to reduce their normal working hours by the same percentage and to share the available work.

How to apply?

Send all your enquiries and application form requests to the Service Canada generic mailbox specific for Work-Sharing Program:

Toll-free: 1-800-367-5693; TTY: 1-855-881-9874