DUKE Green

The DUKE Heights BIA is dedicated to providing and advocating for environmentally-friendly solutions to its members. As such we have created the DUKE Green Initiative – a page where you can find resources and information about how going green can best benefit your business.

DUKE Green Ambassador

DUKE Heights has recently taken the initiative to hire a Green Ambassador in our office. The role of the Green Ambassador is to advocate and assist businesses in finding green solutions for their business. The Green Ambassador works with groups like Toronto Hydro, Efficiency Capital and the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association to promote programs designed to help businesses save money on green initiatives, as well as on events and information about how your business can go green.

Our Green Ambassador is here to work and develop solutions for our BIA to be more energy efficient. For more information about any of our green programs, initiatives, grants and more, please contact our Green Ambassador at research@dukeheights.ca

Increasing Greenspace

We work every year with the City of Toronto to increase the number of trees in our BIA and to beautify our roadways. Currently we have the Finch West Beautification Project underway for 2017 that will aim to increase green space and help reduce the cement jungle effect typically found in more industrial areas of the City. Find more information about our beautification projects here: http://www.dukeheights.ca/wp-content/uploads/160302_Public-Realm-Design-Report.pdf

Green Partnerships

One of our main partnerships here at DUKE Heights is with the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. We have worked with the OSEA on multiple events in our BIA, including their Powering Prosperity Awards and the annual Green Energy Doors Open. OSEA will continue to work closely with our BIA by sharing office space with us at 2 Champagne Drive in the fall.


Grants for Green Energy

coming soon….