Tour de DUKE Heights – Children’s Bike Race Event on October 05, 2019

September 01, 2019


DUKE Heights BIA is working with Anthony Perruzza, Toronto City Councillor for Ward 7 and few other local community organizations towards organizing a community bike race event on October 05, 2019. The objective of this event is to provide bikes to kids who are in need from the neighbouring community by developing young riders’ essential skills in a safe, fun, and playful environment and leading them up to a non-competitive bike race.

The City of Toronto Transportation and Traffic Management departments and Toronto Police are already on board, who will be providing necessary support in making this event successful.
For sponsors, this is an opportunity to contribute to an initiative driven by local needs and to give back to the community. This is also a wonderful volunteering opportunity – a great occasion for networking with some of the local businesses and community members.

To learn more and participate, email us at

Road Closure:

The event will take place on 1.8 km loop from Keele Street back onto Canarctic Drive via Wildcat Road. It will require that the following roads remain closed on Saturday, October 05, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Canarctic Drive from and to Keele St.;
  • Wildcat Road from Keele St. via Canarctic Drive; and
  • Petrolia Road from Limestone Crescent and from The Pond Road

We regret any inconvenience caused by the road closure on the event day and request cooperation from the business owners and their employees. However, should there be an emergency and/or you require access or exit for a vehicle on Saturday, October 05, 2019 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., we request the concerned owner or tenant to call us. The event team will make necessary arrangements for your access or exit.

Councillor’s Corner : Creating Community in Duke Heights Beyond the Work Walls



September 01, 2019

The City of Toronto must play a crucial role in helping business succeed. But while historically that is through tax breaks, business grants, loans and improved infrastructure, it is also our responsibility to make sure that Business Improvement Areas, such as DUKE Heights, have wonderful city resources for people who work there, enjoy leisure time and need access important city services. The quality of our city must be reflected in and near the Business Improvement Areas.

Recently I was proud to open the Northview Advent Child Care Centre in the Bathurst and Finch neighbourhood. This is a state-of-the-art daycare with 49 spaces, all of which are subsidized. That means that workers who travel to and from the DUKE Heights BIA, will have another daycare option for drop-off on the way to work and pick-up on the way home.

james-pasternak-2019  james-pasternak-2019  

Lunch time for workers should be a time for fresh air, a nice walk and a pleasant place to sit and eat. Parks and paths are a great start. The city continues to invest in G. Ross Lord Park, one of Toronto’s finest, to ensure that DUKE Heights BIA employees can visit, relax, eat lunch and enjoy the sunshine. There are also nice green spaces, including Toronto Region Conservation Authority lands, seating along the Finch hydro corridor and along Dufferin Street. My office will also continue to invest in public art and murals to ensure that our public spaces reflect the creativity of the local DUKE Heights BIA neighbourhood.

My office will also continue to make sure that local street lighting, sidewalk connectivity, cycling infrastructure and other city assets are there to help workers get to and from work safely.

Transit is a city responsibility and businesses cannot thrive without high level transit opportunities for their employees. York Centre is quite fortunate to have 4 subway stops, major arterial roads and highways and extensive bus services. Looking to the future, the Finch West LRT will bring high level transit to the door of the DUKE Heights BIA, which will make commuting easier, safer and more efficient. We are also very excited that our new GO train station at Downsview Park Station is making it easier for workers in the DUKE Heights BIA to get home faster, and in comfort.

Councillor’s Corner : End of Summer & Back to School


September 01, 2019

Dear Resident,

Summer has always been the perfect time of year to get out and connect with others at our local parks. I was happy to host several Summer Socials this year and would like to highlight a few in particular. The events that took place at Habitant Park, Spenvalley Park, and Verobeach Parkette were a great success. I got to catch up with familiar faces and had the opportunity to meet some new neighbours. Many thanks to all of the residents who came out and participated. It is always a pleasure to speak with you. Your thoughts and feedback are important as we continue to build our community together.


The kids are back in school and there’s plenty going on this fall. Black Creek Pioneer Village is hosting a few autumn-themed events with activities fit for families and people of all ages. Please contact my office or go to for specific dates and details.

You can visit my website: to sign-up to receive my e-newsletter on a biweekly basis. If you’re involved with a local, community-based organization, I would like to share your events on my social media platforms and on my website. Please email me at for more information.

Please stay-tuned for updates about local projects and upcoming events in Humber River-Black Creek. As always, my team and I are available to answer any questions that you might have.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Anthony Perruzza


MNLCT brings back Opening Doors Job Fair to DUKE Heights


One of the most urgent needs of every newcomer is to find a job as soon as they can so they are able to sustain themselves and their families.

The Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto (MNLCT) – a settlement agency located in the DUKE Heights BIA that offers a range of services to newcomers – is hosting the Opening Doors Job Fair, an event aimed at helping newcomers integrate into the Canadian labour market. The event is supported by DUKE Heights BIA, through a sponsorship as well as connections to local employers, as part of their mandate to aid area businesses and tap into the growth potential of the community.

This year’s event is scheduled for August 29, 2019 from 10am to 2pm at the National Event Venue at 1000 Finch Avenue West, North York. It will be the 3rd of its kind and will feature up to 20 employers, with an opportunity for newcomer jobseekers to meet and interact with prospective employers and to showcase their skills and talents.

Registration is FREE through Eventbrite:

Shelly D’Mello, the Executive Director of MNLCT says, “the Centre created this Job Fair to help newcomers find meaningful work in Canada”.

“We know that immigrants face many barriers to finding meaningful work here in Canada – they need to get credentials recognized, to learn a new language and culture, to identify employers who are hiring, and they need to do all of this with social and professional networks that aren’t yet as fully developed as they were in their home countries. We created this event to give newcomers a chance to tackle some of these barriers in a supportive environment, to grow their networks and their confidence – and to know that there is a good job out there for them, that they can achieve their career goals.” Says D’Mello.

For more information, visit the event page on the MNLCT website:

Join us for Tour de DUKE Heights on October 05, 2019!



Tour de DUKE Heights is a community bike race event aimed at providing bikes to kids who are in need. There will be a strong focus on developing young riders’ essential skills through training and coaching in a non-competitive, fun and playful environment leading them to the bike race event which would bring the community together. Subject to contribution from our members and associates, our goal is to coordinate donations of bikes for up to 200 kids in need and leading them up to the race. We are partnering with City Councillor Anthony Perruzza and have all the relevant departments at the City of Toronto on board with us for this event.

For sponsors, this is an opportunity to contribute to an initiative driven by local needs and to give back to the community. This is also a wonderful opportunity to network with some of the local businesses and community members.

We are looking for sponsors to provide donations for bikes and helmets to kids in need. Check out the link below for more details.

Sponsorship Form - Tour de DUKE Heights 2019

This would be a great opportunity to take part in this community event and to make a difference to the people around you.

To learn more and participate, e-mail us at or call (416) 739-1621.

20% of Ontario Digital Transformation Grant have already been distributed – Apply Now!


July 01, 2019

Why Your Business Needs to Go Digital

Reason # 1:
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The Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) and the City of Toronto have developed Digital Main Street as a platform that can help you better understand the digital tools your business should be using.

Digital Transformation Grant Program

The Digital Transformation grant provides $2,500 to each qualifying small main street Ontario business to purchase and adopt digital tools and technologies. There are ONLY 2000 grants available until March 2020, so apply EARLY. To start the process to apply for a Digital Transformation Grant, visit the program information page on the Digital Main Street website.

Whether your business needs a website, a new point-of-sale or digital inventory system, or just needs to become more visible online, by joining you will receive a free digital assessment for your business, learn how to adopt digital tools and get connected to vendors offering deals and discounts for the BIA members.

Have Your Say on the Proposed Zoning By-law

June 04, 2019

The DUKE Heights BIA has undertaken a study of the current zoning By-law regime across the area, seeking to assist the City of Toronto identify and reduce obstacles to businesses operating in the area. This Zoning By-law review aims to:

  • eliminate the overlap of two zoning By-laws — the City-wide By-law and the old North York By-law;
  • address the onerous and confusing parking requirements;
  • support a range of uses that facilitate business growth in the area;
  • eliminate the holding By-law that applies to certain properties.

We hosted an Open House on June 04, 2019 to introduce the proposed changes to collect feedback from the members of the BIA. There will be more opportunities to view and respond to proposed changes during the Zoning By-law amendment process including future community open houses and public meetings as the City process unfolds.

The complete set of display boards presented at the first Open House held on June 04, 2019 are accessible with the link below:

DHBIA Open House Display Boards June 04, 2019

At the end of the review, our Draft Zoning By-law and report will be submitted to Community Planning with the City of Toronto, beginning the City’s public process to amend the zoning By-law. You can get involved now by speaking with one of our staff to provide your feedback. You can also fill-in a comment sheet or get in touch with us online. Please provide all responses by June 14, 2019.

Community Open House Feedback Form

Streamlined Application Process for Business Licenses in Toronto

June 3, 2019

Applying for a new business licence or permit?

The City of Toronto is improving the application process for new business licences and permits. As of June 3, 2019, applicants will need to submit a complete application with all their documents. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Application requirements and forms are available online at

The improved application process will help you get your licence in one visit. Submit your complete application at the Licence and Permit Issuing Office, 850 Coxwell Avenue, 3rd Floor, East York, ON M4C 5R1.

Note: The new business licence application process does not apply to taxicab and limousine owners, or business licence renewals.

Questions? More information at

2019 DUKE Heights Business Survey is Open

June 01, 2019

Each summer, our team of field researchers conduct on-site interviews with businesses located in DUKE Heights BIA to find out how the BIA can better support you, our members. Your needs and views assist us in prioritizing how Duke Heights can better help the businesses and community in our area.

The goal of the survey is to:
• Gather the needs and perceptions of local business owners
• Identify what businesses need to thrive in our area
• Inform businesses of services and programs Duke Heights currently provides
• Aid in planning and delivering support services for businesses and enterprises located in the DUKE Heights BIA

All businesses located in DUKE Heights BIA are invited to participate in this survey. Our representatives will be visiting your premises during May 30 – July 25, 2019 to conduct this brief survey. Dedicating a few minutes of your time to complete the survey can have a direct impact in meeting the needs and services of your business and the greater business environment in which your business resides. If you are not available for an in-person interview, you may follow the link below and fill out a digital version of the survey.

DUKE Heights Business Survey

We understand that confidentiality is important to you. That is why the law and our own security policies strictly protect the confidentiality of participants in our surveys. The survey data will only be reported in aggregate form to show employment patterns without revealing information about individual businesses. The individual responses related to the BIA services will be used only to extend relevant services to specific organizations.

Your participation is pivotal in the success of this survey and its intended outcome. If you have any questions about the survey, please e-mail DUKE Heights BIA at:
If you own or manage buildings, please allow our surveyor to visit business occupants.

Proposed Zoning By-law Changes: Open House Meeting on June 04, 2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

DUKE Heights BIA (southeast entrance hall)
2 Champagne Drive, Unit C9
Toronto, Ontario, M3J 0K2

Duke Heights BIA will be hosting an Open House to introduce the proposed changes to the Zoning By-laws for the area within the BIA including:

  • Simplifying the present two zoning by-laws that currently overlap in the BIA
  • Amend the parking requirements for new developments by bringing them in line with City of Toronto standards
  • Allow for additional uses to be permitted in our BIA which are currently permitted in other employment zoning areas

This is your opportunity to learn about the proposed zoning changes and recommendations.

Come and get involved, we need your input.

NB: This open house and its outcome is being undertaken to provide input to City of Toronto Planning for its consideration and appropriate action.

Visit us online and provide your feedback by June 14, 2019.
Twitter: @DUKEHeights

Download and share this invitation:

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