DUKE Heights BIA opens competition for mural project

The DUKE Heights BIA is looking to initiate its first mural art project at the underpass for the CN rail line at Finch Avenue West. The mural proposal for the underpass at Finch is the first in a series of proposed and still to be developed enhancements to the revitalization of the area. The projects are being spearheaded by the DUKE Heights BIA with the aid of The Planning Partnership.

The aspiration of the project is to develop a mural, but with it also other elements that can enhance and help to urbanize the space near and around Finch Avenue West.

The objective of the project is to:

1. Design and carry out an art and mural project for the underpass that urbanizes and humanizes the space under the bridge.

2. Integrate mural project with the physical landscape surrounding the bridge and any other elements that could be added to it, such lights, street furniture, greenery, etc.

3. Collaborate with The Planning Partnership to coordinate urban planning enhancements to the space.

** Closing date has been extended to December 12th at Noon.**


See the  Revised Project Information for details. 



Closing Date: December 12th, 2016 12:00 Noon (local time Toronto)

Please contact Matias de Dovitiis with questions at matias@dukeheights.ca or at (416) 739-1621

mural spot pic