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Explore the different businesses in the area from restaurants to medical facilities, to furniture and more. DUKE Heights is not your usual shopping strip. It’s a destination off the beaten path. The area is home to everything from boutique jewelry retailers to state of the art healthcare facilities and large scale industrial plants with global reach, and everything in between.

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Phone Number: 4166616014
Email Address: priya.nadarajah@cibc.com
Summary: CIBC's vision is to be the leader in client relationships in the finance sector. They will build the most trusting and enduring client relationships [...]
3940 Keele Street M3J 1P2
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Toronto Transit Commission

Phone Number: 4163978644
Summary: Their mission is to provide a reliable, efficient and integrated bus, streetcar and subway network that draws its high standards of customer care from [...]
1120 Finch Avenue West, Unit 800 M3J 3H7
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Downsview postal Outlet

Phone Number: 4166639076
Email Address: laibaoyorke@hotmail.com
Summary: Visit The Downsview postal Outlet of Canada post and experience their wide range of products and services. From shipping, to mailing, to shopping, experience [...]
1027 Finch Avenue West, Unit 5 M3J 2C7
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Phone Number: 4166639700
Email Address: tchislett@comwave.net
Summary: Comwave is Canada's largest privately owned telecommunications company. Based in Toronto and run by president and CEO, Yuval Barzakay, Comwave was established in 1999 [...]
61 Wildcat Road M3J 2P5
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Phone Number: 4166635554
Email Address: duraline@ica.net
Summary: Duraline is their source for quality cable management products. They offer a variety of product selection which include cable ties, hook and loop, wire [...]
636 Magnetic Drive M3J 2C4
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Admar Promotions Group Inc.

Phone Number: 4166509988
Summary: Since 1991, Admar has been supplying promotional products to businesses and helping them get noticed. Grant Spiegelman, co-founder, has over 23 years of product [...]
920 Alness Street, Unit 104 M3J 2H7
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Avov Technology

Phone Number: 2898190052
Email Address: support@avovtech.net
Summary: AVOV Technology is a white label solution company. They are leading a new age of specialized OTT/IPTV business solutions that consistently raises the bar.
40 Magnetic Drive, Unit 66-14 M3J 2C4
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Phone Number: 4162233223
Email Address: tony@nortem.ca
Summary: Nortem is Designer and Producer of High Quality Architectural Paneling system for Interior and Exterior Cladding.
495 Champagne Drive M3J 2C6
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Somerset Linens Inc.

Phone Number: 4166307076
Summary: For coordinating Somerset Towels, Tissue Box Covers and Shower Curtains, visits Somerset's showrooms at 70 Alexdon Rd.
70 Alexdon Road M3J 2B3
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Beta Brands Limited

Phone Number: 4166317666
Summary: Beta Brands is dedicated to the manufacture, selling and marketing of quality confectionery and baked good products for the Canadian, United states and international [...]
101 Alexdon Road M3J 2B5
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Risas Design

Phone Number: 4168035488
Summary: Since the inception of Rias Designs Inc. in 2002, creative director, Hooria Nekzai and a highly skilled team of professionals in decor and floral [...]
59 Alness Street, Unit 3 M3J 2H3
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Howell Printing Company Limited

Phone Number: 4166368050
Summary: Howell Printing Company Limited is a Packaging and Containers company located in 132 Alexdon Rd, Downsview, Ontario, Canada.
132 Alexdon Road M3J 2B3
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H & M Auto Sales

Phone Number: 4166615444
Summary: With decades of experience in the auto repair industry H & M Auto Sales can confidently say that they are Specialists at keeping their [...]
60 Alness Street, Unit 1 M3J 2G9
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Mjs Fine Foods

Phone Number: 4166307090
Summary: MJ's Fine Foods Inc. manufactures and markets flatbreads. It provides flatbreads in rosemary and sea salt, roasted garlic and chives, cracked peppercorn and spice, [...]
62 Alness Street, Unit 9 M3J 2H1
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