Welcome to DUKE Heights. The height of opportunities.



We are visionaries
We fuel growth
We are DUKE Heights

The number of start-ups in an area is a clear indicator of future growth and employment. Toronto is in the top 20 start-up hubs in the world, and at DUKE Heights we aim to provide the right resources for entrepreneurs to create the next big thing, right here. We work with new businesses to connect them with programs and resources aimed at assisting start-ups. We can connect you to courses, funding assistance, legal counseling and so much more.


We are empowered
We shape the future
We are DUKE Heights

At DUKE Heights, we recognize the power of the people who work here and dedicate resources to providing relevant support services to this growing workforce. We can connect you to services ranging from current job listings in the area, to counseling and assessments, workshops, placement programs, mentorships, and job fairs.


We are with you
We nurture communities
We are DUKE Heights

At DUKE Heights, our focus is to promote the 1,500 plus businesses that operate here and support more than 31,000 people who work in the area. We provide a variety of services including complimentary security services, promote featured happenings in the neighbourhood and provide platforms to promote businesses in the area.