What’s Happening: Free WiFi & A New Website











We have had an exciting Summer here in DUKE Heights so far and we are proud to announce the launch of our Free Wi-Fi service at Keele and Finch along with the launch of a new website!

This July, we launched Free Wi-Fi at the corner of Keele and Finch, you should notice it on your list of available Wi-Fi as DUKE Heights Guest. You can sign on simply by selecting the DUKE Heights Wi-Fi and registering with either your email or social media account. This will be a 6-month pilot program that we hope to introduce across the entire BIA over the next 2 years. Free Wi-Fi is an initiative that has been brought in over many other municipal areas over the years, and yet in Toronto it can still be difficult to find readily available. We wanted to help bridge this gap by providing this essential service for our business owners, their customers, and our community.

We have teamed up with Peopleflow and Genwave Technologies to provide this great new service. Rose Car Wash, Progress Luv2Pak, CTN Developments, Bridlepath Property Management and the Fox and the Fiddle are some of the local businesses near Keele and Finch supporting this initiative, and have helped us support the technical requirements needed to supply the Wi-Fi.

To go along with our Free Wi-Fi, we have also launch a new website format starting today! You will notice some new pages and a new homepage as soon as you log onto www.dukeheights.ca. The new site is the launch of our virtual Employment Hub, being done in partnership with Osgoode Hall Law School. Through this site we hope to connect employers, entrepreneurs, and employees to the many resources available to help them succeed.

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Free Wi-Fi service and our new website. Please sign on and let us know what you think! If you have any thoughts or suggestions about our new site or your experience with our Wi-Fi, please forward them to info@dukeheights.ca.