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DUKE Heights Law, or DUKE Law for short, is a legal information service where startups, small-and-medium-sized businesses, and social enterprises in the BIA can submit a general business question and receive up-to-date legal information free of charge.

Although this service is the first of its kind to be offered in the BIA, it represents DUKE Heights’ and Osgoode Hall Law School’s tireless commitment to help the businesses in the BIA gain access to free, reliable and up-to-date legal information.

How it works

Sometimes it’s hard to translate business problems into legal questions, which is why we made the process as seamless as possible through DUKE Law. The DUKE Law team is made up of trained legal specialists that are here to help businesses understand their general business issues in terms of what they mean under the law. To start, click on the ‘ASK DUKE LAW’ button above and one of the members of our support team will respond to your inquiry in 1-3 business days.

After you submit your question, feel free to visit our DUKE Law Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page here while you wait for our response. In the cases when you require more than general legal information, our support team will refer you to a local law firm equipped to provide you with personalized legal advice.

If you have any questions or feedback about DUKE Law, please email us at info@dukeheights.ca.