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Save on energy with Toronto Hydro

Smart businesses know that saving electricity is good for the bottom line. Whether you run a large industrial operation or a corner café, Toronto Hydro has shared some valuable tips. These top tips will help you save electricity year after year.

Take advantage of a wide range of Save on Energy incentives and programs available through Toronto Hydro, from energy audits to lighting and equipment upgrades. Typically, incentives can pay up to 50% of project costs.

Programs are available to help drive costs down for your business.

Commercial Buildings
From garage to rooftop, we have incentives to help you save on every floor.

Industrial Facilities
Get funding for energy-efficient upgrades, engineering studies, an energy manager’s salary, and more.

Restaurants and Foodservice Businesses
Make energy-efficient upgrades to lighting, refrigeration and more, your secret ingredient. See more.

Multi-Residential Buildings
Even newer buildings can profit from upgrades to lighting, controls, HVAC systems and more.

Retail Business
Improve customer experience and save on electricity with upgrades to lighting, air conditioning and more. See more.

Leave energy to the Toronto Hydro energy experts:

We’ll take care of everything from start to finish — and the paperwork in between. For more details, call: 416-542-3388, or visit