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Nutcracker Sweet is Leading the Gift Baskets Industry and Here is Why

November 10, 2022

For over 35 years, Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets has been leading the gift baskets industry, providing creatively styled contemporary gifts to Canada and the USA! From a small food store to a gift-giving business, Nutcracker Sweet’s team provides their customers and clients with a fabulous gift-giving experience.

About 12-13 years ago, Nutcracker Sweet shifted to the DUKE Heights area to design and assemble their gifts to send to people across North America. Their gifts range from gourmet and sweet gift basket combinations to beautiful baby gift baskets that customers can personalize with a custom baby ribbon shipped directly to you!

“We design our baskets to ensure a full experience with the basket. From the basket title, the contents inside of it, and how we present it, we believe in providing our customers with a complete, authentic experience.” – Connie Suarez, General Manager.

Nutcracker Sweet delivers their products to their customers in multiple ways, from direct shipping to local hand delivery for local customers, and international shipping with selective delivery services that come with a tracking service.

Fun Fact: Nutcracker Sweet has other brands they grow beneath their umbrella, one of them being Sugar Chic Candy, a gourmet candy brand. Sugar Chic will take you back in time and down memory lane with their new collection of childhood-favourite candies and treats!

Nutcracker Sweet is flexible with its products and values customer health and dietary preferences, which is why they have dietary options such as gluten-free and vegan. To check out their gift and baby gift baskets and prices, scroll down to find a link to their website!

Every business faced different challenges, but Nutcracker Sweet’s reaction to COVID-19 was one of a kind. They not only maintained their business with safety precautions in place but also recognized the needs of their community. They went out of their way to support people, other businesses, large organizations, and companies by developing care packages, which helped others get through COVID-19 and strengthen their connections.

“Everyone was locked up in their homes and couldn’t see anybody. So, if someone wanted to visit a relative or family across town or see their new grandchild or something, we would send them care packages and gifts. What makes it all worth it is when you hear back from those you supported, and they thank you for helping them through difficult times.” – Dave Brown, Head of Operations.

Nutcracker Sweet Gifts Baskets is a thriving business that goes out of its way to recognize and understand community needs and fulfills them through its innovative and stylish gift baskets. They’ve always been responsive and considerate to individuals and customers via different means of communication while keeping COVID-19 safety measures in motion. They continue to be a great gift-giving business!

For more information, visit their website and social media:

This Toronto-Based Soccer Club Is All About Giving Back

September 13, 2022

The Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club is a not-for-profit organization that believes in giving back to others, especially the youth. They take pride in looking after the people who are less fortunate through different soccer programs, both indoors and outdoors, soccer activities for athletes with disabilities, and community programming.

In 1968, a group of players played soccer at the national pro level and decided to start a club to give back to their community.

“It comes back to about 12-14 founders of the club who at some point in their lives either played pro soccer or for our national teams and wanted to get back to the soccer community. So, they formed a club and built a beautiful, 500 square-foot clubhouse,” says Ron Smale, the General Manager at the Toronto Azzurri SC.

The Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club offers programming to the community through community programs such as working with the Metro police, fire department, and paramedic services. Working with these service partners creates opportunities for the youth to indulge in productive, positive, and active activities instead of getting involved in the wrong group of people, violence, or wrongdoings.

The organization has no full-time paid staff, so technically, everyone is a volunteer, allowing themselves to keep their expenses minimum. This opens doors to support the community even more as they make efforts toward helping others through their programs, activities, and services.

Ron Smale is also a volunteer despite being the general manager. He sets up all the programming, manages finances, and looks after the communication and administration of their club. His reason for being a part of the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club aligns with the organization’s objectives. As the general manager who manages the finances, he tries to keep the expenses down so he and his team can invest in people who cannot play or afford to play soccer.

The Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club spends a lot of time organizing and hosting various activities and events. One of the programs the club invests in is called the Special Olympics Ontario, which they dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities through sports. This program went from serving local athletes to becoming the world’s largest movement dedicated to creating a respectful, accepting, and inclusive environment that promotes human dignity for those with disabilities through sport.

The club provides a couple of soccer teams to participate in different activities within their interests. Currently, 35 Special Olympics athletes are working with the club year-round.

“Our club isn’t just about soccer. It can be about a lot of different things [sports]. We would put up an ice rink in winter and play hockey with the kids over the summer. We provide meaningful things to the community.”, comments Ron Smale.

Aside from the Special Olympics Ontario program, the club has other consistent annual programs, including competitive soccer, recreational soccer, men’s league, men’s senior team, Toronto Police, and many more! Each of these programs is for people who need some social or athletic activity to stay involved, busy, and productive. The programs also help improve one’s well-being and social status and look after their mental health.

Aside from unique programs, the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club does fundraisers, Christmas food drives, and Christmas baskets for people living in housing communities who don’t receive gifts.

Although the club faced some challenges during the past COVID-19 pandemic, it continued to operate with a restricted type of programming and limited services where everything was outdoors. The club is slowly transitioning to more indoor activities, programs, and events. They will continue to take the necessary COVID-19 precautions such as social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, and sanitizing equipment and their facility.

The club’s success comes from providing opportunities to the youth to develop connections, learn, grow intellectually, and be better versions of themselves through organizing programs and events on an annual basis. They spread the word and reach more people through social media and utilizing DUKE Height BIA’s sponsored business services, which Ron claimed have helped leverage the company and grow as a business.

For more information on the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club, visit their website and social media platforms:

Website: https://www.torontoazzurri.com
Twitter: @TorontoAzzurri (https://twitter.com/TorontoAzzurri)
Facebook: @torontoazzurri (https://www.facebook.com/torontoazzurri)
Instagram: @toronto_azzurri (https://www.instagram.com/toronto_azzurri/)

From Floral Arrangements to Floral Toys, Buy Your Next Gift at Toy Florist!

August 11, 2022

toy-floristAre you looking to give someone a special gift but can’t decide what to give them? Toy Florist has got you covered! Toy Florist has been serving Toronto and the GTA community since 2013 by offering custom-made bouquets with fresh flowers arranged differently for every occasion! Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, business event, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, Toy Florist will always provide you with the best service and the most charming gift options.

The business started with the first owner opening it up as a toy shop where he used to sell different animals made with flowers, such as bears, dogs, and pandas. Gradually the business evolved and transformed into a big flower shop selling not just flower toys but also bouquets and other flower arrangements made from real, fresh flowers!

The current owner of Toy Florist, Ashraf, is revamping and providing further access to a bigger community. Before, the business didn’t do deliveries, but now, because of their delivery arrangements, Toy Florist has been able to reach a larger GTA area. Customers and clients can visit their website and Instagram page to order and receive their flower arrangements safely.

When asked about some of the best-selling products at Toy Florist, Ashraf claims these are some of their most popular products:

  • Pink Explosion: This is a box arrangement of flowers made with sprayed roses. The roses are sprayed with different shades of pink, including hot, light, and regular pink. The spray consists of a mist combined with one of the best fillers on the market.
  • J’adore: This is a bouquet made of quicksand roses and ocean song, light purple roses. The roses are all pastel-coloured. Quicksand is a gorgeous Sahara-type rose.
  • Golden Rose Box: This box is made of premium Ecuadorian red roses that come in a unique, luxurious box with a gold ribbon.
  • Butterfly Box: This is a box shaped like a butterfly with beautiful fresh flowers arranged in it.
  • Teddy Bear Box: This is a box in the shape of a teddy bear with beautiful and fresh flowers arranged in it.

Based on the names and descriptions of the products, you can tell Toy Florist uses quality flowers and makes their flower arrangements with love, delicacy, and care. “Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of good florists. We’ve been working with one of the best florists in town who arrived from Ukraine. We also have Russian and Israeli florists that work with us.”, says Ashraf.

The teamwork pushes the different florists from around the world to work together in peace, allowing Toy Florist to serve their diverse community through flowers. With affordable prices that vary in size and product, every client is happy and satisfied with the quality, customization, and budget!

“We ask our clients to tag us in pictures on Instagram and Facebook every time we give them flowers, which allows our social media following to grow, so our community also grows”, comments Ashraf.

Because Toy Florist uses real and fresh flowers, maintenance and care are required to keep the flowers from dying. However, Toy Florist assures their clients that their products are long-lasting by giving them proper instructions on how to take care of their flowers, which can help them last up to two weeks!

A big chunk of Toy Florist’s overall business comes from weddings and significant events, and because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Toy Florist had minimal weddings. Ashraf elaborates, “People would do photoshoots, bridal bouquets, or small events. They would get our flower bouquets and take pictures, that’s it. We didn’t have real weddings, so business was difficult.”

Thriving in the business industry was a financial challenge as they had to close their store and stay open only for no-contact deliveries. Toy Florist recently opened its store but still takes the COVID-19 precautions of wearing masks and gloves.

Although this year’s business is starting to pick up, transitioning back to having more weddings and significant events will take some time. Ashraf and his team are hoping for a better future where clients and customers choose Toy Florist as their florist for their events.

Regarding social media presence, Toy Florist has one of the best ratings on Google reviews. They’re immensely popular and active on Instagram, with a following of approximately 20,000 people due to their amazing content!

Toy Florist acknowledges the assistance they get from the DUKE Heights BIA team in marketing, promotion, and advertisement. Ashraf says, “DUKE Heights has been great to us. They provided us with billboard advertisements when we needed their help. I always felt their support whenever I was in trouble or had questions, and DUKE Heights were there for me. I’m fortunate Toy Florist is a part of the DUKE Heights Business Improvement Area. We’re thankful for everything.”

Toy Florist takes great pride in providing its customers and clients with quality products. They always have fresh flowers such as peonies and dahlias throughout the summer, aside from the roses and all the other beautiful flowers available.

For more information, visit Toy Florist’s website and social media:

Website: https://toyflorist.com
Instagram: @toyflorist
Facebook: @toyflorist
Pinterest: @ToyFlorist

Eisenbergs Sandwiches is What You Get When You Combine Authenticity and Taste


July 12, 2022

Eisenbergs Sandwich Co. is a new Toronto-based family-owned restaurant that serves everything from a wide range of hand-crafted sandwiches to smoothies, bagels, hot and cold beverages, lasagna, and more. Eisenbergs Sandwich Co. has everything you need, from dine-in and takeout to catering and delivery.

Their dedicated team uses a handful of natural and fresh ingredients to make new and existing dishes from scratch. From signature homemade sauces to family-recipe dishes, Eisenbergs Sandwich Co. believes in providing customers with an authentic, home feeling as their flavours come from old family recipes and are all made in-house.

Interestingly enough, the name “Eisenberg” is a family surname. The owner of Eisenbergs Sandwich Co., Boaz G Rachamim, gave us some insight into where the concept for their business originated.

“The name Eisenberg is my mom’s last name. My grandparents only had daughters, so they didn’t have anyone to continue the family name.”

That’s when Boaz stepped into fulfilling his dreams of having his own restaurant and carrying out their family name and the recipes he grew up with. He is passionate about giving people a family-friendly experience when they walk into the restaurant, so it’s no wonder the flavors of Eisenbergs come from family recipes.

Besides that, Boaz and his team value customer health, which prompts them to quality products like kosher meat and have non-oily menu items to suit everyone’s needs. They also believe in listening to their customers and clients to understand their needs and do everything they can to satisfy others. Eisenberg’s Sandwich Co. discovers new recipes and tweaks them to turn them into more of their own recipe with their authentic and unique flavours, earning them great feedback from clients and customers.

Boaz and his team always experiment with new items, and as requested by clients, they will happily add new dishes to their menus.

“As long as our team has the ingredients, we can make anything. We’re not locked into certain products,” Boaz told us in an interview. Instead of saying they don’t have or make certain things, they tell customers they’ll do their best and try making something new.

When asked about some of the popular menu items at Eisenbergs Sandwich Co., Boaz claims they specialize in the following dishes:

  • The Cracker (Panini): kosher smoked meat, kosher salami, pickles, green olives, banana peppers, spicy mayonnaise made from scratch, and mustard.
  • Spicy Tuna: white albacore spicy tuna, homemade tomato sauce, banana peppers, and shredded mozzarella cheese (melted).
  • Classic Turkey: kosher turkey breast, kosher salami, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and mayonnaise.
  • Beth’s Veggie Lasagna (aunt’s special lasagna): corn, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, feta, cheddar, cottage cheese, mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce, and lasagna noodles. Served with a toasted bagel.

Eisenbergs Sandwich Co. had its grand opening last year in July, meaning the restaurant started during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Eisenbergs faced many challenges, from not having easy access to free parking and dine-in and catering restrictions to having limited sales and overall business.

“You need to keep things moving because you have things to pay for. You have rent, staff, expenses like electricity and water, etc.” – Boaz.

Working with less business and still thriving is challenging, but Boaz and his team held their heads high and found ways to keep the sales going. Although they’ve already been active on social media platforms, they relied on these platforms to find customers on Instagram, Facebook, etc., by posting pictures and videos, reaching out to clients, and advertising and marketing their content with the help of DUKE Heights BIA in different ways.

Through billboard and website ads, social media advertisements, and other sponsored business services offered by DUKE Heights BIA, Eisenberg’s Sandwich Co. was able to keep its restaurant moving.

Boaz and his team continued to wear masks, and all the staff members received their COVID-19 vaccinations. They take great pride in cleanliness and freshness, ensuring their workspace and seating area are tidy by following basic sanitary protocols such as wearing gloves, constantly washing hands, etc.

Eisenbergs Sandwich Co. has done some wonderful events, such as giveaways, buffets, private home events, and outdoor barbecues. They recently did a Canada Day barbeque near their restaurant. They even have another big outdoor barbeque event coming up! Mark your calendars because July 26 is Eisenberg’s first anniversary, so you can find them doing a barbeque by Dufferin and Finch!

For more information, you can visit their website and social media handles:

Iceberg Cyber Provides Preventative Maintenance for your Cyber Assets

February 10, 2022

Iceberg Cyber helps small and midsize businesses prevent business downtime through proactive asset management and vulnerability searches. They have a growing team of cybersecurity professionals in the heart of DUKE Heights BIA whose mission is to simplify the world of cybersecurity and empower small businesses with simple plug and play tools. Iceberg Cyber offers a unique solution aimed at small businesses that want to increase their cyber resiliency without the burden of dedicated on-site staff or pricey consultants. Simple, plug-and-play security tools make booting up your cyber hygiene as easy as reading this newsletter.

Simplicity, efficiency, and safety are paradigms of the process control and automation industry. Reducing downtime and preventing interruptions to industrial operations are high value motivators for digitally enabled production. With increased interconnectedness between Operational Technology (OT) devices comes a growing emphasis on cyber hygiene and the need for solutions dedicated to the detection and prevention of cyber related process disruptions. Experts in the field, Iceberg Cyber could be your trusted partner in developing cyber resiliency in process control and automation.

Nicholas Burgwin, the co-founder of Iceberg Cyber explains, “the Iceberg Sensor is plug and play security device that easily connects to your industrial ethernet network. The Sensor is a small network appliance, like a firewall, designed to boot out of the box in seconds without any user configuration. Within minutes, the Iceberg Sensor will begin profiling your network devices and form a main pillar in your cyber hygiene strategy. The Sensor provides immediate visibility into your network assets and will automatically notify you of any potential cybersecurity risks to production. You will be sent scheduled email updates with a network asset inventory list and actionable insights into critical cyber vulnerabilities. Zero touch, no on staff personnel required. Plug & play OT cyber hygiene.”

Cyber hygiene is like operational maintenance for your internet connected equipment. There are best practices and recommendations for how to reduce the chance of disruptions to your operations and Iceberg Cyber can guide you through these processes. If your small business wants to improve your cyber resilience, Iceberg Cyber has a team committed to support you. No jargon, no fear mongering. Simple, plug and play solutions for the small business that wants to focus on business and not cyber security.


Deal for DUKE Heights BIA Businesses

Iceberg Cyber will provide free cyber hygiene assessments for any small and medium sized business in the DUKE Heights BIA until March 18th, 2022. The assessment will include presentations on best practices, asset inventory and vulnerability scans, and recommendations for tools to implement to reduce cyber risks. Contact Iceberg Cyber at info@icebergcyber.com to schedule an assessment!

Email: info@icebergcyber.com
Address: 37 Kodiak Cres., Unit 11, Toronto, ON M3J 3E5
Phone: 1-888-207-9754
Website: www.icebergcyber.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/iceberg-cyber

Say Hello to Delightful Dental Care

November 1, 2021

We are delighted to welcome home The Dental Group, the newest member of the DUKE Heights BIA.

The Dental Group Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held on October 29, 2021, with Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak and Paolo Abate, CEO of Haven Developments as guests of honour. Located in the University Heights Professional and Medical Centre at 1275 Finch Avenue West, The Dental Group boasts a spacious 5,200 sq. ft. modern dental studio in Suite 307 and a walk in office on the ground floor in Suite 109. The Dental Group offers a successful balance of professional and experienced clinical staff specializing in General Dentistry, Hygiene, Endodontics, Periodontists, Orthodontists, Cosmetic and Oral Surgery, and a uniqueness to patient and family dental care and comfort.

The goal of the dental group is to elevate the patient experience as encapsulated by their slogan: “Say hello to delightful dental care.”

According to the CEO, Roberto Lloren, “We have a three-pronged approach to make this happen and it starts with a compassionate and experienced dental team. And to enhance the dental experience we have created a soothing and relaxed modern environment. Aromatherapy and piped in music greet you, making you forget your worries for the day. There is also a brushing station should you want to freshen up prior to your appointment. And more importantly, we believe that what is most important is that dental care should not be episodic but rather a relationship with the patients’ and their dental professional.”

Book your next dental experience at The Dental Group.

1275 Finch Avenue West, Unit 307
North York, M3J 0L5

Phone: 437-913-9288
Email: info@thedentalgroup.ca
Website: http://thedentalgroup.ca/



Featured Member: KITIMAI Tea and Coffee Inc.

October 1, 2021

KITIMAI Inc. is passionate about mastering the art and craft of fine tea and coffee. They are an importer, distributor, blender, and packer of fine teas, while also operating as an industrious roaster of specialty gourmet coffees. More importantly, their resume of distinguished tasks is directed ethically to ensure social and environmental responsibility. KITIMAI manufactures organic and fair-trade coffee that is made from imported green beans that arrive in their facilities to be freshly roasted. They also formulate single-origin coffee, commonly considered superior to blended variations, as the beans are conserved in their purest form without any supplemental add-ins.

Moreover, KITIMAI is famous for its custom-made tea blending as they formulate exclusive blends for countless businesses. They have over 900 varieties of tea blends, often their personal formulations, all of which are available to other businesses to purchase. As a business-to-business corporation, they are a committed specialty tea and coffee supplier to a myriad of restaurants and coffee shops across the GTA, throughout Canada, and all over the United States.

Bhiku, Rakesh & Anish @ Toronto Coffee and Tea Festival 2019 (Image source: https://kitimai.com)

Additionally, KITIMAI specializes in private label tea and coffee, a component of their company that has experienced the most growth in recent years. Individuals and businesses from all walks of life will approach KITIMAI with the desire to develop their own tea or coffee brand. From there, KITIMAI will guide them through the steps as they work on building the new brand from the ground up. From product design and custom formulations to blending, manufacturing, and packing, KITIMAI can help anyone jumpstart their private label!

Nevertheless, it may be hard to believe the humble origins of KITIMAI Tea and Coffee Inc. while witnessing their success today. The company was founded in 1978 by Bhiku Shah, a now 83-year-old man that still shows up to work in his family-run business. His sons, Rakesh and Anish, joined their father in the early 2000s to continue to spread his passion for quality tea and coffee. Now with over seven decades of experience, the Shah family legacy that began in Kenyan farms in the 1960s has blossomed into a prosperous multi-service company.

Your favourite tea or coffee travels a long way to land in your cup, trust KITIMAI Tea and Coffee Inc. to deliver the quality and flavour you desire in your favourite drink! To learn more about their specialty tea and coffee, please visit www.kitimai.com.

Email: info@kitimai.com
Address: 1110 Finch Ave West, Unit 20, Toronto, ON M3J 2T2
General Inquiries: 416-665-1318 | 1-877-402-4954
Sales: 416-605-4970
Website: www.kitimai.com


Featured Member: Absolutely Famished Catering

August 12, 2021

Absolutely Famished Catering wants to make your next favourite meal! This catering company based in Toronto has decades of experience crafting consistently high-quality meals. Their dedicated catering team only uses the freshest ingredients to prepare delicious and authentic meals that you’ll enjoy until the very last bite! They collaborate with clients to craft menus that are specifically designed to suit their function and budget. In the past, Absolutely Famished Catering has served delectable meals to esteemed guests such as Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver, and several Canadian Prime Ministers.

Image Source: Absolutely Famished Catering via Facebook

David Heymes, owner of Absolutely Famished Catering, proudly agrees that they “cook any kind of food imaginable”. He has worked in the catering industry since 1998 and knows his way around the business. David and his team work tirelessly 7 days a week to provide food for a variety of people and places, including corporate workplaces, special occasions, weddings, film sets, and more.

Like many businesses, Absolutely Famished’s catering services were put on hold upon the pandemic’s arrival in March 2020. However, as work on film sets eventually started up again in August 2020, David and his team were grateful for the opportunity to continue working in this avenue. His team took the necessary precautions as they adjusted their services to ensure optimal health and safety while preparing the meals. Film sets that once incorporated open buffets now have their meals packaged individually by sanitized, gloved, and masked caterers that ensure zero contact while preparing.

Image Source: Absolutely Famished Catering via Facebook

Owner David Heymes, who founded the business from the ground up in 1998, is continuously proud of what Absolutely Famished Catering has blossomed into today. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, David was the leading operative when Absolutely Famished first burst onto the catering scene, and he continues to be a hands-on owner by undertaking tasks like freshly preparing the salads in the morning and personally delivering the food.

As the pandemic eases its grip, Absolutely Famished Catering hopes to expand their services as the latter half of 2021 holds more promise for social gatherings, corporate functions, and office parties. They hope that their services can help bring these forthcoming occasions to life, and as people begin to reunite, good food is the best excuse to celebrate!

For more information about Absolutely Famished Catering and their services, please visit: http://www.absolutelyfamishedcatering.ca/ and check out their Facebook page @AbsolutelyFamishedCatering for countless images of their meals!

3974 Chesswood Drive,
Toronto, ON
M3J 2W6

Email: info@absolutelyfamishedcatering.ca
Phone: (416) 636-6999
Website: http://www.absolutelyfamishedcatering.ca/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbsolutelyFamishedCatering


Featured Member: Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club

July 07, 2021

It’s easy to get caught up in the name, but Toronto Azzurri S.C. is much more than just a soccer club. Located at 4995 Keele Street, behind the Keele reservoir, they are home to an expansive 3000 sq. ft. clubhouse and a FIFA regulation size field. The club operates as an inclusive space, working closely alongside those with special needs or from high-risk neighbourhoods, providing these athletes with the tools to grow, train, and learn.

Outside of their youth soccer teams, Toronto Azzurri S.C. strives to do more for its community through an established line-up of diverse cultural and educational programs. The club’s extensive list of community initiatives includes partnering with the Toronto Police Services to advocate for important messages that align with community values, like reducing gang violence and youth bullying. They also run a community food drive that occurs twice a year in North York with the Harvest Food Bank, an effort that was especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, they have collaborated with Toys R Us and the Toronto Fire Services Department to donate over a thousand toys to children in need.

“President Ralph Ciccia, Councilor James Pasternik, and Toys R Us Manager John Da Silva with local Toronto firefighters.” Facebook: Toronto Azzurri

Nonetheless, Toronto Azzurri S.C.’s Treasurer Ron Smale sums up the organization’s diverse portfolio best, stating that they are a “community-based soccer club” with a special focus on “cultural and educational programs that work closely with pillars of the community.”

As pandemic restrictions ease, the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club hopes to welcome more than just soccer players, but changemakers that want to make a difference in their community. This upcoming summer is especially exciting for the club as they will welcome kids to a long-awaited summer camp from July 12th to 30th, all while working alongside Diabetes Canada to educate and inspire future generations.

The Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club continues to value its connection to DUKE Heights as the BIA’s support has helped encourage the club’s presence in the neighbourhood through free promotional services and tools. With their low rates and an active group of local investors, Toronto Azzurri S.C. is open to all community members to learn, train, and play in a way that aligns with the area’s inclusive spirit.

To learn more about the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club’s community initiatives or youth soccer programs, please visit their website: www.torontoazzurri.com.

Toronto Azzurri Youth Sport Village
4995 Keele Street
Carmen Principato Way
Toronto Ontario M3J 3B2

Email: information@torontoazzurri.com
Phone: (416) 782-1578
Website: www.torontoazzurri.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/torontoazzurri/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/toronto_azzurri/

Registration for the 2021 Season is Open at Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club

April 09, 2021

During these unpredictable times, the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club has been busy at planning their upcoming outdoor 2021 season. They have reviewed and continued to update themselves in navigating through the various phases of Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide and strict COVID-19 protocols and procedures.

In an effort to allow them to organize and prepare meaningful and exciting services and programs for the 2021 summer season, they are continuing to accept player registrations. Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club is providing a special offer strictly to the BIA membership of a $50 coupon off the registration price for the first 100 registrations. Use coupon code BIA50 to receive this special offer. (Note: You must enter the code before payment as we cannot apply the discount afterwards.)

The summer registration includes 32 sessions of soccer activities taking place on Monday and Wednesday evenings starting at 6:00pm. They will also be offering Saturday morning activities. They are planning to launch their season in early May. Each registrant will receive a player kit (jersey, short and socks) a water bottle, and a soccer ball.

Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club will be strictly adhering to their Return to Play protocols set out by the City, Public Health and Ontario Soccer. Please take the time to go on-line and register at www.torontoAzzurri.com. Once registered you will receive a confirmation of your son or daughter’s registration.

We are very much aware that this unsettled times, conditions, and circumstances will continue to exist, and the environment will change constantly moving forward. The outlook for our community is getting better so don’t miss out on the opportunities to have fun playing some outdoor soccer activity for your son and daughter. Flexibility, programming, understanding, training, competition, compassion will all be captured under the umbrella of safety at the Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club.

If your company is interested in sponsoring children etc., Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club has some great opportunities with respect to sponsorship signage, company names on the jerseys or providing signage at their beautiful stadium field for the summer months.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you require clarification on opportunities with the club, please contact the office at 416-782-1578.

* This article was composed by Toronto Azzurri Soccer Club.