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duke-askMay 01, 2019

In the four years since DUKE Heights BIA started, we have played a role in helping most of the 2,500 businesses that reside in our community. During that time businesses have asked us questions ranging from ‘how do I find and keep local talent’ to ‘how can I make an effective business logo’. To help answer these questions, we partnered with York University’s Experiential Education branch to get the help of a team (or should I say a village) of students trained to help improve local economic outcomes in the community. The DUKE Heights member businesses, charities, not-for-profits, community collectives and startups can ask a general business question by sending our team an email to-

DUKE Heights is offering this new service free of charge in order to help businesses in the area grow and succeed in our BIA. So, when an Internet search just isn’t enough, DUKE ask is here to make the process of finding the information businesses are looking for as seamless as possible. Go ahead and ask your business question at

Small Business Help: The Small Business Tax Deduction- Does Your Business Qualify?

Small Business Deductions Canada

Small Business Deductions Canada

Running a small business is hard. If you own or manage one in Canada, amidst all the challenges you face everyday, you also know the value of information that would make your business lose or gain, specially during this tax return season. Are you taking advantage of the federal Small Business Deduction (SBD) that you could be writing off against your business income?

For the tax years ending after 2016, the Small Business Deduction (SBD) remains at the 2016 level of 17.5 per cent but under some proposed changes, the SBD will increase to 18 per cent effective January 1, 2018, and to 19 per cent effective January 1, 2019. These changes will result in a reduction in the small business tax rate from 11 per cent to 10 per cent for 2018, as a first step toward lowering it to 9 per cent in 2019. The small business tax rate applies to the first $500,000 of active business income. Consult Chapter 4 of the T4012 – T2 Corporation Income Tax Guide for further details.

To qualify for SBD, a corporation must be classified as a Canadian-controlled private corporation (CCPC) by meeting specific conditions according to Chapter 1 of the T4012 – T2 Corporation Income Tax Guide. The complete Guide is available on the CRA website in HTML and PDF formats.

This intended reduction is expected to provide a small business with up to $7,500 in federal tax savings per year.

Mandatory Employment Standards Poster

To help ensure that employers understand their obligations and that employees know their rights, the Minister of Labour has prepared and published an Employment Standards Poster entitled “Employment Standards in Ontario”. The Ministry has mandated that employers have to post the most recent version (7.0) of the Employment Standards Poster in the workplace where it is likely to come to the attention of employees.

This poster describes important rights and requirements under the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) and must be posted in the workplace where it is likely that employees will see it. Employers are also required to give every employee a copy of the poster.

For more details on the poster requirements along with download and printing options, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Labour website.

Source: Ontario Ministry of Labour website

BIA Free Employment Law Seminars

This New Year brought about the first set of changes to Employment Law, courtesy of the “Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act.” This act is taking form in a series of changes over the course of two years and is redefining employment for Ontarians. There are over 70 changes that will take effect over the next two years, which employers will have to familiarize themselves to make sure that they are operating according to the new laws. As a result, DUKE Heights BIA partnered with Seneca College to organize a series of FREE seminars on the new changes to Employment Law for small to medium sized businesses. The first seminar took place in December, followed by two seminars in January with over 60 businesses and participants from our BIA. Free breakfast and parking was provided to all attendees.

If you were unable to participate in our seminars and had questions about the new changes to Employment Standards Act, Labor Relations Act or how the new laws effect your specific industry, you can still access the presentation and additional resources from the link below and contact our office by email or phone (416) 739-1621. Visit us on  and for more photos and information.


If you require more assistance, we can forward your inquiry to Viki Scott, the principal consultant of the Human Resources consulting firm presenting the seminar, Scott & Associates Inc.

Free Wifi @Keele Street and Finch Avenue West

Free Wi-Fi @Keele Street and Finch Avenue West

We are excited to announce that DUKE Heights BIA is now offering free Wi-Fi on the corner of Keele Street and Finch Avenue West!

Making use of our free Wi-Fi is easy. When you are in the Keele Street and Finch Avenue West corner, simply look at your available Wi-Fi networks to find the one named “Duke Heights BIA Guest.” Once you have found the network, provide us with a few simple details and you will be ready to use our free WiFi!
This pilot project will be available for the next 6-months and we are looking to expand the service throughout our BIA in the next two years. We hope to benefit businesses by providing a service on our behalf for customers to enjoy. As one of the second largest BIA’s, with over 34,000 people visiting our area every workday, our free Wi-Fi is a way to keep you connected on the go!

If you have any feedback on the service, email us at

The Mayor’s Economic Update Breakfast

On Tuesday September 13th, more than 250 people were gathered at Teknion Furniture Headquarters to hear Mayor John Tory give his Economic Update. The theme of Mayor Tory’s  update was the importance of the manufacturing industry in the economy of the GTA.
The manufacturing industry in Toronto has been responsible for the creation 1300 new jobs  in the GTA in over the past 5 years.

Thank you to everyone who came out to this event, to Teknion for hosting the event and to Mayor Tory for focusing on the manufacturing industry in DUKE Heights!

Neighborhood Freight Forum

On April 27th 2017, the DUKE Heights BIA partnered with the Pembina Institute to launch the Neighborhood Freight Forum (NFF). The NFF brought together local business representatives and other local stakeholders to improve goods movement in our BIA.

With the support of experts and while engaging with City of Toronto staff, NFF members worked together to identify local goods movement issues and to come up with on-the-ground solutions to address them. With these solutions we hope to reduce costs for businesses and operators and reduce local greenhouse gas emissions all while increasing the attractiveness of the DUKE Heights BIA as a place to work and play.

The NFF will continue over the next 3 years with more meetings to work out and implement solutions to gridlock in the DUKE Heights BIA. If you are interested in participating in the next NFF please contact us at


Powering Prosperity in DUKE Heights


On February 2nd, 2016 DUKE Heights BIA hosted “Powering Prosperity in DUKE Heights ” in conjunction with The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) at the Montecassino Hotel. 

We had approximately 40 attendees composed of DUKE Heights members, Sustainable Energy specialists and advocacy groups. A special thank you to Leon Wasser of Wasser Resources for being our speaker at the event and teaching our business owners about efficient and cost saving long term energy solutions.

Following the event, we were proud to participate and help sponsor OSEA’s 7th Annual Powering Prosperity Awards and to present the manufacturer of the year award to Silfab Solar. 

2016 Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 our Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place .

This meeting allowed us to share our plans, budget and general program for 2017 with you. The AGM was an opportunity to participate in the decisions that your BIA is making on your behalf.

For further details and the 2017 BIA budget,  please click the links below to review the AGM Flyer. We hope to see you at our 2017 AGM!

Click Here for the 2017 AGM Agenda

Happier Patients in DUKE Heights

On the 30th of November, our members and stakeholders joined in a friendly discussion about better ways to serve your patients here in DUKE Heights. This DUKE Talks event was an opportunity to meet the other medical and paramedical members of the DUKE Heights Community while learning about the future of digital health applications in the Doctor patient relationship. A big thank you again to Dr. Ryan Doherty, Dr. Harvey Skinner, Osama Askoura, Joselyn Juliano and our moderator Dr. Lew Pliamm.


Also a big thank you to the Champagne Center for allowing us to host the event in their space.


Panelist Profiles

Panelist Joselyn Juliano with representatives from Lumacare ready to give people more information. Nov 30, 2016. Photo courtesy North York Snapd


Our panelists after a great discussion! (Left to right) Dr. Harvey Skinner, Dr. Ryan Doherty, Joselyn Juliano, Osama Askoura. Photo courtesy North York Snapd

Councillor Anthony Perruzza discussing the importance of the health industry in DUKE Heights BIA. Photo courtesy North York Snapd