Councillor’s Corner- Ward 7 : August 2020 Edition


August 05, 2020

Dear Resident,

Every year my office hosts Property Tax & Water Bill Rebate clinics to help seniors and those with disabilities fill out applications for these programs. Due to COVID-19, this year will be different.

Please call my office to set up a one-on-one appointment at (416) 338-5335 or email

The deadline to apply for the Property Tax, Water Bill, and Solid Waste Relief programs is October 30, 2020. When you call or email, please confirm which ID you need to bring with you to your appointment. Applications will be available this month.

Please remember that masks are mandatory while riding the TTC and when visiting any indoor public space. We must take these rules seriously to prioritize our health and flatten the curve for the long haul.

The northwest corner of Toronto has been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. I will continue to work with MPP Tom Rakocevic and the Board of Health to make sure that our community gets the resources needed for a successful transition into Stage 3. This leads me to highlighting the pop-up COVID-19 testing unit that operated out of Christian Centre Church for a few days last month. I advocated for mobile testing to come to our area. My office will share more updates about that service as they become available. Please check my website for further details.

If you have any concerns or need access to resources, please give my office a call at (416) 338-5335 or email


Downsview Park will be a local option for #DriveInTO events this month. It’ll be fun for families to be able to drive up and view entertainment while staying safe in their own vehicles. For more details on scheduled programming, please visit the City’s website:

In addition, much of this information is posted on my website:

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City Councillor Anthony Perruzza

Ward 7 – Humber River-Black Creek

Councillor’s Corner – Ward 6: August 2020 Edition


August 05, 2020

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wrote to you confident that Toronto would stay resilient and emerge stronger than ever. I am proud and strongly encouraged about how our public health officials have responded to the pandemic. With that said, we must continue to remain vigilant moving forward. That is why we implemented a mask by-law; taking a proactive approach to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keeping the economy open.

Here at City Hall, I continue to work with the Mayor and the recovery team to ensure that small businesses remain the backbone of our economy. In part of this recovery strategy, we have implemented the CafeTO program. This has helped the hospitality industry by cutting red tape for restaurants and bars to set up temporary patios on city and private property. We understand that we must be flexible and adjust to the new environment.The CafeTO program provides business owners the tools to remain robust during these times.

Moreover, the City of Toronto has created a new program called Business AdviceTO. This is a series of free weekly online events that provides advice to entrepreneurs and business leaders navigate a post-COVID world. Topics range from digital online marketing tutorials to providing strategies for retail businesses.

I would also like to announce that Bike Share stations are now installed along the Finch Hydro corridor. This is a crucial municipal investment for the DUKE Heights area. In conjunction with this bike lanes that have also been installed along Wilmington Avenue and Faywood Avenue. A strong cycling network will allow people to explore the DUKE Heights BIA area.

I will continue to listen to the needs of our business owners to make sure that your needs are being met. I will do this in collaboration with my partners on the federal and provincial level. I urge all of you to continue to remain strong and resilient. Together we will conquer the challenges brought forth by COVID-19. My staff and I continue to work tirelessly to support you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 416-392-1371 or email me at:

Councillor’s Corner- Ward 7 : June Edition


June 05, 2020

The pandemic has impacted us all. Even as time goes by, we must continue to listen to the recommendations of all levels of government and prioritize our health and safety. Social distancing and patience, along with focusing on self-care, are all important priorities right now.

The socioeconomic determinants of COVID-19 need to be better understood. There is an obvious link between income inequality and the rates of infection in Toronto neighbourhoods. We need to examine this and take preventive action to protect our most vulnerable.

At City Council last week I passed an amendment to an item that called for City Council to establish a process by which the public is consulted through the City of Toronto’s Poverty Reduction Office, the Anti-Black Racism Office, the Indigenous Affairs Office, and all other bodies that provide input concerning the problems faced by marginalized people during COVID-19. We must collect data to help shape and guide the strategies that tackle systemic issues, including anti-black racism. Let us strive to make the changes for the future we want to leave for the next generation, so that they can be free of intolerance, prejudice and racism.

If you have any concerns or need access to resources, please give my office a call at: (416) 338-5335 or email My staff will continue to provide support, even as the situation changes.

We can provide more information and referrals for the following topics:

– Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) – Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)
– Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWB) – Canada Child Benefit Increase (CCB)
Property Tax or Utility Billing Concerns – Solid Waste, including Drop-off Depots
– COVID-19 Emergency Benefit for OW & ODSP Recipients – Old Age Security (OAS) & Guaranteed Income Supplement Updates (GIS)
– Access to food services, mental health services & other City of Toronto services. – The Province’s Reopening of the Economy, in stages.

In addition, much of this information is posted on my website:

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June is Italian Heritage Month & Senior’s Month – Here’s How to Get Help for Seniors:

  • Toronto Senior’s Helpline: 416-217-2077 or 1-844-946-1700

o   Lumacare also provides programing and services to seniors in need, for more information you can reach them at: 416-398-5511

  • Dial #211 Ontario for an extensive list of social services in Ontario.

Other Assistance:

If you know anyone in need of delivery assistance for groceries or other essential supplies, the Good Neighbour Project is also able to assist. They help seniors, those with disabilities, those in isolation and more. Please call: 647-873-2230 or email: for more details.

New Constituency Office Update:

My Constituency Office is now located at 2350 Finch Avenue West, Unit C. I look forward to seeing you there once we are able to meet in person again. I know that we will get through this together.


City Councillor Anthony Perruzza

Ward 7 – Humber River-Black Creek

Councillor’s Corner – Ward 6: Road to Recovery: How the Municipal Government is working with local businesses


June 05, 2020

Our recovery team at City Hall has made it clear: we must do everything we can to help businesses re-open and recover from the Coronavirus and the subsequent lock down. We must all work together to build consumer and business confidence and make sure that shoppers feel that it is safe to go to places of commerce and retail to buy the products and services they need.

At the same time, our office is working on a transition plan so we can operate out of City Hall and our new community office (the latter being at Keele and Wilson). We miss the in person meetings and events that have made York Centre a liveable, healthy and successful part of Toronto.

We continue to work on a wide range of projects to support the DUKE Heights BIA. These include expanding public art, securing green space and parkland and supporting the reconstruction of reconnecting of sidewalks in the area. On the technical side, we continue to work on the by-law harmonization requests and the BIA boundary modification.

We understand that at the end of the day, Torontonians don’t want bigger government, or smaller government but rather better government. And our city must rise to the occasion.

We continue to security municipal investments that are designed to help the DUKE Heights BIA. We have secured Toronto’s first inner suburban bike share route, which will run from Bathurst Street to Keele Street along the Finch Avenue hydro cycling corridor and eventually to the York University Campus and to the Downsview Lands. Also, after years of responding to requests for traffic calming and micro mobility, our office has finally secured pilot bike lanes on Wilmington Avenue and Faywood Avenue. This cycling infrastructure will connect with the Finch Avenue Hydro trail in the north and the Wilson subway Station in the south. No vehicle lanes will be closed.

In addition to our subway expansion these micro mobility investments, along with the installation of new sidewalks, give the employees and owners of businesses in DUKE Heights alternative options that keeps people active and allows for social distancing.

We understand that at the end of the day, Torontonians don’t want bigger government, or smaller government but rather better government. And our city will rise to the occasion and give businesses the tools they need to succeed.

Toronto’s helping hand to businesses include ShopHere, which brings together over 500 volunteer web developers, to help businesses and artists build and promote their own Shopify online store at no cost. The BusinessTO Support Centre is available to help businesses apply for various levels of government assistance. The city has created a plan for businesses to re-open with curb side pick up which includes temporary parking pick up zones and curb lane pedestrian zones. Our Digital Main Street is supporting Toronto businesses with resources, connections to digital vendors, online learning and virtual assistance is available to businesses at no cost.

This has been a very difficult time for the business sector, individuals and the health care system. But Toronto is a very resilient city that has weathered various recessions and world economic shocks. It’s residents come from all over the world and bring with them the talent and tenacity to build and re-build. My office along with my local federal and provincial counterparts will be there to answer any questions, advocate for less red tape and make sure our BIA members have the tools and policy they need to recover and prosper. Please give us a call at 416-392-1371 if you have any questions or think we can help. Be safe.

For those who missed our recent York Centre Town Hall with Mayor John Tory, the video can be found here.

Direct link:


A Message from Michael Levitt, MP – York Centre


June 05, 2020

Our small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy, but the crisis caused by COVID-19 is devastating.

There are many great businesses in York Centre that have innovated and adapted to help address this crisis, but for a each of those businesses there are many more who are unable to operate and need our support.

To ensure that businesses are able to see this crisis through and bounce back, the federal government has a number of support programs, including wage subsidies, interest-free loans, and tax deferrals.

Please, if you haven’t done so already, visit the federal government’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan website for information about supporting your employees and business. It’s constantly updated as the situation evolves, at You can also find supports tailored to you at

Lastly, the Business Resilience Service hotline launched last week to help small businesses facing unprecedented challenges during COVID-19. It provides business and non-profit owners with customized financial guidance from qualified professionals—from navigating tax regulations and government supports, to planning a path to recovery—and will be offered for four weeks. You can call 1-866-989-1080, seven days a week for expert advice tailored to your business needs. More information can be found at

As an entrepreneur myself, I know times are beyond tough for many businesses, but we’ll get through this together. If you have any questions about federal programs, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to get you the information you need: or 416-638-3700.

Am I better off buying a Franchise or starting a new company?

Dec 01, 2019

Deciding on this depends on your personality type as well as the amount of capital that you have available. If money is no object and you’re looking to begin a business in a market where there is an established franchise, then purchasing a license to open a franchised company can be a very reasonable path. Franchising can help lower risk of failure but also offers lower returns because your margins and costs (including royalties) are all out of your control. If you however don’t have a lot of capital, it may be better to start small and work out all the kinks and problems before resigning from your day job. This will allow you to build more capital while at the same time reducing the risk of failure.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the DUKE Law team.

In partnership with Osgoode Law School we provide free legal information to the DUKE Heights BIA community and beyond. Whether you are a start-up, a small business owner or an entrepreneur, DUKE Law can be your first-hand resource in finding answers and clarifications to the legal aspects of any business query.

Disclaimer: DUKE Law service is available to be accessed only for free legal information and it cannot be substituted for legal advice from a trained legal professional.

DUKE Heights Business Breakfasts

Dec 01, 2019

DUKE Heights BIA is launching a series of FREE business breakfasts and networking events in the new year. Each event will include an information sharing session from business professionals and experts who will share ways in which you are able accelerate the success of your business.

What can you expect?

An interactive business presentation related to business BY Businesspeople + discussion about the topic of the event

Hands-on insights and ideas that you can immediately apply to your business

Networking – Connect with other businesspeople and build long lasting relationships

Freshly served breakfast – Your time is valuable. So, let’s kill two birds with one stone. Join us for breakfast while learning how to boost your business.

If you are interested in attending, please make sure to let us know at, so we can keep you updated.

Can your business benefit from six months of free marketing?



October 01, 2019

If your business is within the Duke Heights BIA, and offers existing products or services directly to consumers, you may be eligible to apply for 6 months of FREE marketing and promotion.
The Duke Heights BIA has partnered with mobile marketing company GetintheLoop to offer 15 businesses the opportunity to reach thousands of new customers in a landmark pilot project aimed at boosting marketing, sales and awareness of some of the great businesses we have in the area.

The GetintheLoop platform allows businesses to create and post their products or services on their fast-growing mobile marketing platform, which will automatically expose your business to over 10 000 active consumers in the region, and over 500 000 through partner networks.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this limited offer to boost your business, Contact the Duke Heights BIA at or complete the application form on our website. Applications will close on 25 October 2019 or as soon as 15 qualifying businesses have been selected.

GetintheLoop form submission


First there was 311, then 211 and now…there’s DUKE ask

duke-askMay 01, 2019

In the four years since DUKE Heights BIA started, we have played a role in helping most of the 2,500 businesses that reside in our community. During that time businesses have asked us questions ranging from ‘how do I find and keep local talent’ to ‘how can I make an effective business logo’. To help answer these questions, we partnered with York University’s Experiential Education branch to get the help of a team (or should I say a village) of students trained to help improve local economic outcomes in the community. The DUKE Heights member businesses, charities, not-for-profits, community collectives and startups can ask a general business question by sending our team an email to-

DUKE Heights is offering this new service free of charge in order to help businesses in the area grow and succeed in our BIA. So, when an Internet search just isn’t enough, DUKE ask is here to make the process of finding the information businesses are looking for as seamless as possible. Go ahead and ask your business question at

Small Business Help: The Small Business Tax Deduction- Does Your Business Qualify?

Small Business Deductions Canada

Small Business Deductions Canada

Running a small business is hard. If you own or manage one in Canada, amidst all the challenges you face everyday, you also know the value of information that would make your business lose or gain, specially during this tax return season. Are you taking advantage of the federal Small Business Deduction (SBD) that you could be writing off against your business income?

For the tax years ending after 2016, the Small Business Deduction (SBD) remains at the 2016 level of 17.5 per cent but under some proposed changes, the SBD will increase to 18 per cent effective January 1, 2018, and to 19 per cent effective January 1, 2019. These changes will result in a reduction in the small business tax rate from 11 per cent to 10 per cent for 2018, as a first step toward lowering it to 9 per cent in 2019. The small business tax rate applies to the first $500,000 of active business income. Consult Chapter 4 of the T4012 – T2 Corporation Income Tax Guide for further details.

To qualify for SBD, a corporation must be classified as a Canadian-controlled private corporation (CCPC) by meeting specific conditions according to Chapter 1 of the T4012 – T2 Corporation Income Tax Guide. The complete Guide is available on the CRA website in HTML and PDF formats.

This intended reduction is expected to provide a small business with up to $7,500 in federal tax savings per year.