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The Digital Main Street Squad is a team of trained students and/or recent graduates with strong Technology and Digital Marketing skills and experiences that BIAs can access to provide to their business members.

Through the Digital Main Street Squad businesses receive targeted support to get started, grow their digital presence, and grow their business.

Digital Main Street provides: One-on-one assistance through the Digital Service Squad program to provide your business with free digital transformation consulting and support. This can include but is not
limited to:

  • A digital assessment of your business’ digital literacy
  • Access to a free online video-based digital transformation training program
  • Website – review, updating, creation, best practices
  • Social Media – support, best practices, advertising, and more
  • Technology – support and guidance for the best options of technology tools to implement for your business
  • Miscellaneous Digital Transformation Support: loyalty programs, point of sale systems, ecommerce, back-end business operations support (i.e. setting up QuickBooks etc.

Joshua Bonilla from Digital Main Street will be available to help DUKE Heights BIA members. To make an appointment, follow the instructions here:

Marketing Assistance – 30 Minutes

He can also be reached at For more information on Digital Main Street, please visit their website at

In the era of social distancing, many businesses are finding It more and more difficult to both reach out to their potential clients and drive sales. Physical sales have dropped, and traditional marketing is no longer as effective as it was before the pandemic.

In 2019, the DUKE Heights BIA, launched a pilot project with mobile technology company GetintheLoop ( to test the effectiveness of this new digital marketing platform with some of the businesses in the BIA. While being fairly new, the platform already reaches many thousands of consumers and has proven effective in marketing our businesses and driving sales.

Understanding the plight of small business, the DUKE Heights BIA and GetintheLoop are now offering all businesses within the BIA, FREE access to this digital marketing platform for 90 days. Businesses can now highlight their products and services and drive sales directly to their consumers at no cost!

If you are a local business in the DUKE Heights area and would like to claim your free business listing on GetintheLoop’s mobile platform and be listed on the DUKE Heights BIA website, please contact either or

During this time of change, many people are exploring the best option to digitally enable their business. The DUKE Heights BIA has put together a number of website and website related, resources and services to make it easier for you to understand the options available to your business and identify what may work best for your business. Please contact the DUKE Heights BIA at if you need help understanding and choosing between the various options, or if you would like to take advantage of the discounted customised website packages below.

Whether you are just looking to create an online presence for your business or need to explore ecommerce as a means to drive sales during this difficult period, you will need to create a website for your business.

The DUKE Heights BIA, and The Free Website Guys, a web development agency, understand how important a digital presence for any business is right now, and have worked together to offer any business in our BIA a FREE BASIC or ECOMMERCE WEBSITE!

In order to find out more or apply, click here.

“Recently, Tobias Lütke, Shopify’s CEO has announced Shopify’s support package to help businesses transition to ecommerce and cope with the influence of Covid-19. Shopify is offering a 90-day free trial for all new customers to give them more time to set up and design their ecommerce store. “

Web Development Packages

Ecommerce Development Packages