Welcome to DUKE Heights BIA.

DUKE Heights BIA began as the Dufferin Finch BIA in 2014. This newly created Business Improvement Area elected a group of business leaders who had a new vision for the area. A vision of change. Of opportunities and untapped potential.

The DUKE Heights BIA’s primary objective is to promote the potential of the area, provide support to businesses in the area and inject new resources to tap into the potential of the community.

A new vision. A new beginning.

The Board of Directors of the BIA decided to move away from the old perceptions of the area and create a new and vibrant community that’s connected and committed to growth. Part of this new ambitious goal was to rename the area. With the help of Us Communications, a branding and marketing agency, the name DUKE was chosen.

DUKE was formed by connecting the two names, Dufferin and Keele, that mark the boundaries of the area. And Heights was added because the area is located at one of the highest points in the city of Toronto. The newly created community of Duke Heights BIA is positioned as the Height of Opportunities.

DUKE Heights reflects the vibrancy of the community, and projects the vitality and entrepreneurial spirit that’s at the heart of this area. It’s the new engine of growth. The new destination for talent. And the new investment magnet of the city.

DUKE Heights BIA is quite unique compared to the typical BIAs in the City. It covers a significant area located between Keele and Dufferin Street from Steeles to Sheppard Avenue. The area also hosts one of the largest concentration of manufacturing businesses in the city. In fact, manufacturing is the second biggest source of employment in the area.

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