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Best Guard Security has been hired by DUKE Heights BIA to provide mobile security patrol services to our BIA businesses. Best Guard Security will provide mobile patrol services in marked “DUKE Heights BIA” security vehicle and uniformed security services to all our BIA members, day and night 7 days/week.

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**Please note, if you have additional units and/or business locations located within the BIA, you will have to fill out a form for each location**

** Please note, in order to access your unit in the case of an emergency, we will require prior written consent from the Property Owner/Management. **

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Mobile Security patrols are conducted 7 days per week: day patrol between the hours of 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and night patrol from 6:00 pm to 4:00 am. A security officer will patrol the area in one marked vehicle identified with DUKE Heights BIA decal and Best Guard Security logo and will provide a professional customer-oriented presence to increase the perception of safety, respond to incidents and deal with calls for service placed by local business. BIA members can contact our 24-hour Dispatch centre at 416-739-1621 ext. 1 or 416-826-1446 to report any suspicious activity or to reach a security advisor.

Security officers perform daily outreach to BIA businesses to communicate current BIA Security Services awareness, increase interaction with business owners and tenants in order to assess the security needs and priorities, and to gain feedback on security coverage in the area.

In the event of an alarm activation at your business location, the security officer will arrive at premises to assess the situation and will contact law enforcement officials, if required, as well as the business representative, as indicated in this form, and will remain on site for maximum 30 minutes. This will provide the business representative time to be notified and arrive on-site to oversee the situation.
Any additional coverage request, exceeding the allotted time, will be the responsibility of the business in case.

Security mobile officers will periodically, throughout their shift, monitor business locations and enforce Trespass to Property Act if person(s) are found on the premises without the prior consent of the landlord, business owner and/or tenant. When identified, Trespassers will be escorted off the premises to ensure the safety of all parties.

Security officers provide a routine check of business premises to ensure doors, windows and property are secure and free of intrusion. Extra attention is allocated to premises that are also experiencing loitering.
Please note that for multi-unit buildings whose representative signed this form, the security will conduct, throughout their shifts, preventative visits to monitor and detect suspicious activity at the entry points, parking lots, outer perimeters and areas, however sweeping the entire building will not be accommodated.
Any extended security coverage request, will be the responsibility of the business in case.

A proactive approach to deter vandalism and property damage is achieved through increased security patrol checks to business premises during shifts.
Security Guards will respond appropriately to harmful actions on or against a members’ property. Security will contact and interact with law enforcement officials where necessary, such as apprehending and detaining someone who has committed a criminal offence.

An added feature of our Security Services is the Safe walk. Any of your employees may request mobile patrol to accompany them, after working hours, until they safely reach their vehicles. This request can be arranged, and the service can be provided during regular security patrol hours by calling at least 45 minutes in advance our 24-hour Dispatch centre at 416-739-1621 ext. 1 or 416-826-1446.