Small Business Help – Business Refrigeration Incentive

Toronto Hydro works with small businesses to help you take advantage of Save on Energy rebates and incentives to reduce your electricity consumption.  For some small businesses, such as grocery stores and restaurants, refrigeration can represent up to 72% of their electricity costs. Even small energy-efficient improvements can net big savings. The Business Refrigeration Incentive (BRI) program is a fast and easy way to upgrade your system and reduce energy use.

This program offers:

  • Free onsite refrigeration energy audit by a qualified energy expert
  • Personalized action plan with recommendations for implementing the best energy-saving measures – learn how you compare to similar businesses
  • Professional installation, at no charge to you
  • Up to $2,500 in rebates

You may qualify if:

  • You have a Toronto Hydro business account
  • You use commercial-grade refrigeration equipment
  • Your average annual peak demand is less than 250 kW


To schedule your free assessment, please call 416-542-3388.

*Costs may apply to some measures