Smart Commute Employee Travel Survey

The Smart Commute employee travel survey is coming

As a proud Smart Commute member, we will soon be undertaking a commuter travel survey. In the 2016 employer transportation survey we heard transportation was on everyone’s minds and this travel survey will be the first step to improving commuting options in the DUKE Heights area.

Later this spring, we will be distributing the survey to all BIA members. We ask that everyone who works in DUKE Heights – drivers, transit riders, carpoolers, cyclists and walkers – complete the survey.  The more survey responses we get, the better understanding Smart Commute has of how the BIA moves. This means more targeted, and more successful programs that tackle traffic issues and relieve congestion.

Get services and programs specific to your workplace!

By tackling traffic issues and helping your employees to make the switch to a better commute you can improve productivity, reduce costs and parking pressures, and boost morale at your workplace.

Contact Smart Commute today to get involved and receive your survey promotion pack – Stewart Slaymaker, Program Manager,  or 647-920-8121