WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program for Micro Business (1-5 employees)


Workplace Safety & Prevention Services is offering a unique opportunity to a limited number of micro businesses to join the WSIB performance-based incentive program for companies with 1-5 employees.

The cost to join this pilot program is $49 + HST only for a limited time and it is first come first serve.

This pilot program is built for small businesses (1-5 employees):

  • Flexible timelines allow employers to work at their own pace
  • Registration is open all year round with a 12 month cycle at $49 + HST for a limited time only.
  • Recognition is based on individual participant performance and a rebate up to $1000 upon validation.
  • A WSPS Volunteer/or an Excellence Guide will assist along the way as he/she will provide coaching/feedback as the business owner work to implement the Excellence program topic.

For more information, click on this link


Download WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program for Micro Businesses – flyer (538 KB PDF)

If you are a local business in the BIA with 1-5 employees and want to take advantage of this program, please submit your filled application to

WSPS H&S Excellence program Application Form

For other business sizes over 5 employees, you can promote the WSIB H&S Excellence program through your regular communication channel.

This link provides further details where the registration fees are based on the amount of premiums a company has paid the previous year.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Small Firm with less than $100.000 in WSIB premiums is $800 + HST
  • Medium Firm between $100,000 and $1M in WSIB premiums is $1700 + HST
  • Large Firm greater than $1M in WSIB premiums is $2,500 + HST

To learn more, contact DUKE Heights BIA at