Councillor’s Corner: James Pasternak

Toronto City Councillor, Ward 6 – York Centre

May 01, 2019

james-pasternakDear Neighbours,
One of the biggest issues that comes up repeatedly in my conversations with residents, businesses and community stakeholders is the need to invest in infrastructure across York Centre and Toronto. As Chair of the City’s Infrastructure and Environment Committee, I am making this a priority.
One area of major focus over the past winter and into the spring has been the state of the roads in our city. While the City of Toronto has a comprehensive road maintenance program that budgets approximately $182 million for road repairs, rehabilitation and maintenance work each year, there is more work to be done.
This is especially true of the unacceptable number of potholes on our roads. The city spends $5 million to fix potholes each year and we are working to fill potholes as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the same time, we need to look at better ways, new technologies, new systems of asphalt and concrete as well as what other cities are doing to see if there is a better solution available.

james-pasternakAnother major focus of my committee will be to prevent basement flooding. I have visited homes and businesses that have suffered from flooding and the damage that can be caused by flooding. The good news is that work is under way on an over $262 million capital project across York Centre to make improvements to the sewer system and overland drainage routes.
As always, I am happy to speak anytime. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 416-392-1371 or Community updates are available at