Councillor’s Corner – Road Safety Initiatives

slow down signThere is always an element of danger when travelling on or crossing our roads. This past June, as a member of Toronto’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, I supported our new five-year Road Safety plan with a goal of reducing yearly traffic fatalities and serious injuries through improved engineering, better education and stronger enforcement.
Although the plan addresses general road safety, it pays special attention to school zone safety and builds on previous safety initiatives such as my motion to City Council, “MM39.7 School Zone Safety – by Councillor Anthony Perruzza” in October 2013. Furthermore, it seeks to enhance safety for “vulnerable road users”,
namely pedestrians, cyclists, seniors, children and individuals living with a disability.
Recommendations include expanding the “Watch your Speed” program to establish permanent speed display signs in school zones and doubling fines in school zones, new safety infrastructure such as flexible in-road signage, promotion of education and
awareness, and more.
You can help fight speeding in your own neighbourhood by calling my office at 416-338-5335 and requesting a “Please Slow Down” sign to place on the boulevard in front of your home