Councillor’s Corner: Subway Opens, Changes to Bus Routes

Councillor Anthony Perruzza with local residents at Finch West Open House in December 2017

Our new subway has been operational since December, but I am still excited riding the train through our community and touring the six new state-of-the-art stations. For me this project represented the culmination of years of work including construction and traffic planning, necessary land acquisitions and community consultations. I also want to thank the hundreds of community members who joined us at a very special Finch West Open House I co-hosted with the TTC on December 16, 2017 and the many thousands who rode for free on the day of the subway opening.
The new subway stations in our community and beyond have represented changes to many local bus routes as determined by the TTC. Routes and stops were reviewed according to many important criteria, the foremost being safety. I invited TTC, YRT and VIVA traffic engineers to a meeting I hosted in December 2016 at York Gate Mall to give transit users the opportunity to review and comment on proposed changes at the time.
Some bus stop modifications have improved long standing issues. For instance, I had communicated concerns to the TTC regarding rush hour traffic back-ups at Peter Kaiser and Steeles due to bus driver crew changes of the 80 Steeles, 35 Jane and 84 Sheppard routes. Today, crew changes no longer happen at this location, helping to ease congestion. I was also able to work with local residents and the TTC in restoring the recently removed 108 stop at Driftwood and Hoover which the TTC had originally deleted due to stop spacing concerns.
As always, I appreciate your input and encourage you to reach out to my office at 416-338-5335 or via e-mail at