Councillor’s Corner- Water Improvement Projects

Councillor's CornerNew Major Water Improvement
Projects for our Neighbourhood

Our neighbourhood continues to benefit from major infrastructure investment.  This work includes the near complete subway extension, ongoing storm sewer upgrades, the resurfacing of our community’s portion of Finch Avenue West, park improvements, and upcoming hydro improvements.

I am proud to announce that two major new Environmental Assessments (EAs) are now underway to improve water services in the area.

The first EA, entitled “Black Creek Sanitary Drainage Area Servicing Improvements”, seeks to ensure that sewer capacity is increased and to reduce storm water infiltration into sanitary sewers. Public events were advertised to 60,000 local units and held in April of this year, which provided community members an opportunity to speak directly with engineers to learn about the scope of the project. New relief trunk sewers and underground storage tanks, sewage flow diversion, and operational improvements are all being considered.

The second EA is called “Downsview Area Long Term Water Servicing” and focuses on long-term, sustainable water supply. This project is at a very early stage and public consultation is being considered for this fall so stay tuned.

For more information on these projects, please feel free to contact my office at 416-338-5335 or at