Earth Day 2018: DUKE Heights BIA Clean-up!

Earth Day 2018 DUKE Heights BIA

In anticipation of International Earth Day on Sunday April 22nd, 2018, DUKE Heights BIA staff, members and partner organizations took to the streets on Friday to clean up the community and help spread awareness about plastic pollution. Earth Day is an annual international celebration of the planet and acknowledgement of the environmental issues that we face. This years Earth Day celebration was dedicated to ending plastic pollution and adjusting our attitudes about how we use plastic. We were proud to learn that local businesses, restaurants and even manufacturing facilities in the area were doing their part to clean up, support and join us in this initiative! If you are interested in learning more about ways that you can do your part in helping reduce plastic pollution, please visit Earth Day Network. We also want to hear from you; let us know ways that you would like us to support your efforts in helping the planet!