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Landscape Architects

Since 1999, MEP DESIGN INC has developed landscapes that are created with power and simplicity, while always aiming to exceed the project commitments that we undertake. Working closely with architects, planners, and engineers, they execute assignments as either the prime consultant, or as an integral part of a larger project collaborative.

MEP DESIGN provides a full range of professional consulting services in landscape architecture, urban design, project management, and site planning. Their body of work includes the successful completion of numerous assignments throughout North America and Asia. On an ongoing basis, they find ourselves involved with projects ranging from public park improvements, urban design revitalization studies, detailed design and approvals for new infill residential developments, and site planning of corporate office/industrial parks.

Their team thrives on designing and developing responsible solutions for their clients’ projects, and they are driven to find the optimal way of achieving this goal through a method often ineffable, yet elegantly simple and precise. (Source:

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