Free Marketing Support for Your Business from York University (FALL 2018)

Is your company expanding and interested in growing faster and becoming even more profitable? Perhaps you are thinking about attracting new customers, launching a new product, dealing with intense competition or building closer relationships with your best customers. If so, you might be interested in benefiting from tailored marketing advice from a team of York University Marketing students. They can provide tangible benefits to your organization because they are equipped with skills in various aspects of marketing including the development of marketing plans and plans to build profitable customer relationships and to accelerate growth from your current customers. You will receive a plan that is ready to be implemented. The only cost to you is a little of your time.


Organizations should have the following characteristics:

• Been in business for at least 4-5 years
• Serve consumer markets or fragmented business-to-business markets (retailers, wholesalers/importers or manufacturers)
• Have an excess of about 100 customers
• Sales should be more than $4-5 million annually
• Be able and willing to provide necessary customer data and perhaps some business data

Students have knowledge in the following areas:

• Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
• Customer Relationship Management
• Advertising & Social Marketing
• Customer Acquisition, Retention & Growth
• Brand Awareness
• Business-to-Consumer and Business-To-Business
• Digital Marketing

Spaces fill up quickly. Contact Karlene Davis at to learn more and sign up for this free service.