Keele & Finch Public Art Project

Public Art Project- Keele and Finch Intersection

The DUKE Heights BIA is looking to initiate its first public art project at the corner of Keele and Finch. The project stems from the construction of both a subway station and an LRT station at the intersection, which upon completion, will be one of the busiest transit points in Canada.

The BIA is working with the City of Toronto and Metrolinx to create a number of distinct features at the intersection, in order to mark it as an entrance into the BIA, but more importantly, to create the sense of importance the intersection demands. The goal of the project is to mark the area as new segment of growth and a new centre for the GTA.

We are looking for an art consultant that can lead the public art development project at this intersection, which will have an estimated budget of $650,000.

The objective of the project is to:

  1. Design a public art competition, carry out the competition and carry out the project to completion.
  2. Create a process that produces a signature piece of art that speaks to physical context and the aspirations for the area.


For more information about this project and position please visit here

The Closing Date is

September 7th, 2016 @Noon EST


Please contact the DUKE Heights BIA office for information about the application process

Phone: 416-739-1621