Limited Free Marketing Spots Available on GetintheLoop. Sign up Now!

Dec 01, 2019

If your business is within the Duke Heights BIA, and offers existing products or services directly to consumers, you may still be eligible to apply for 6 months of FREE marketing and promotion.

Duke Heights BIA has recently partnered with mobile marketing company GetintheLoop to offer 15 businesses the opportunity to reach thousands of new customers in a landmark pilot project aimed at boosting marketing, sales and awareness of some of the great businesses we have in the area.

We are extending the screening period for a limited time to allow all qualifying businesses to take advantage of this fantastic program. The categories that perform the best on the GetintheLoop platform are food + drink, things to do, shopping, salon + spa, etc.

GetintheLoop allows businesses to create and post their products or services on their fast-growing mobile marketing platform, which will automatically expose your business to over 10 000 active consumers in the region, and over 500 000 through partner networks. Watch this quick video to learn how the platform works:

Make your business stand out! If you are interested in taking advantage of this limited offer to boost your business, contact us at or complete the application form on our website:

Applications will close as soon as the remaining slots are filled by qualifying businesses.