Small Business Help – Financing Your Energy Savings

Upgrading your building with energy-efficient technologies to reduce operating costs is a smart move. A better operating building is more comfortable, helps attract and retain tenants, has a smaller footprint and is ultimately be more valuable. But how to pay for tomorrow’s savings today?


Performance contracting is an innovative way to finance your energy upgrade using a non-debt, off-balance sheet approach. The Energy Savings Performance AgreementTM offered by Efficiency Capital allows you to pay for cutting edge energy conservation measures from future utility volume savings. The ESPATM was developed by The Atmospheric Fund, a non-profit climate change agency, to encourage energy efficiency. Contracts include ongoing monitoring and third party insurance to guarantee the energy savings. In addition, project engineers are financially liable for meeting the savings targets they set so you can have confidence in your results.


No upfront funds are required and payments will not exceed your verified utility volume savings. Do you have other projects in mind? Your reserves and borrowing power are protected by this non-debt, off-balance sheet approach so that money remains available to you for other priorities. If you’d like to learn more about how performance contracting can be used to improve efficiency and operations in your building, contact Fariha Husain at 416-849-4797 ext 144 or