A New Focal Point in DUKE Heights

If you have driven past the CN Underpass on Finch Ave W in recent weeks, you have probably noticed something a little different. In fact, it would be hard to miss the bright blues, yellows and greens of the latest BIA project.

With the help of Street ArToronto (StART), we have commissioned artist Dan Bergeron to create a mural meant to beautify the space, while representing the DUKE Heights Community. The mural is called “Beacon” and we hope that it will be an inspiring piece of art that will become a neighborhood focal point. Bergeron designed the piece to have bright colors and a forward flowing design in the hopes of immersing our 34,500 daily visitors into the work as they make their commute through the mural.

Bergeron was chosen because of this intriguing and creative concept, but also because of his experience in public art projects. Bergeron has completed works throughout North America using many different mediums, resources, and materials. He has a history of using public infrastructure to create a conversation about the history and the current use of public spaces. Bergeron has continued this tradition with the “Beacon” project.

In the creation of the mural, Bergeron was particularly fascinated with the number of people and products being moved in and out of our neighborhood everyday. He designed the mural so that it would focus on the movement through the region and help to encourage alternative forms of transportation. The project will be completed in early August and we will hold an official unveiling later in September at our DUKE Heights offices.