A Soup-erb Harvest Celebration at the Soupalicious DUKE Heights BIA Event

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, DUKE Heights BIA partnered with The Compost Council of Canada, Plant-Grow-Share-A-Row, and the Harrowsmith magazine to present at the north-west parking lot of the Champagne Centre in DUKE Heights BIA a soup-er feast of soups to celebrate the bounty of this year’s harvests. The event featured an array of free, yummy soups made of this year’s cream-of-the-crop harvests to “sip, slurp and savour”, free corn to enjoy while also listening to great Live music by South Ontario’s very own band String Bone.

Some outstanding local restaurants like Eisenberg Sandwiches and Dr. Laffa also took part to offer some of the savoury soups from their menu. The crowd also loved free cholesterol-free vegan cookies from Sweets from the Earth, another top-rated food manufacturer from DUKE Heights BIA.

An arts-and-crafts zone comprising canvas and mini-pumpkin painting, face painting by Dream Paint, and caricature drawing by Rob, and a dance-for-prize challenge kept the children and families entertained.

Thanks to Mosaic Transit Group, the event sponsor, the families who joined from the neighbouring community took free pumpkins on their way back home for Thanksgiving and Halloween festivities ahead.

About Soupalicious

Soupalicious is a soup-tasting and harvest celebration involving local gardeners, farmers, restaurants, and chefs, featuring fresh, locally grown produce and showcasing the local community’s culinary talents through the creation of signature soups for tasting and slurping. Keeping the environment close to our hearts, Soupalicious also strives to be a Zero Waste event.

Developed and refined over many years, Soupalicious was created by The Compost Council of Canada and partner organizations specifically to be of help to local Plant-Grow-Share-A-Row communities. A template including artwork, to-do lists, messages, and program plan is now ready for sharing and local implementation.