Federal Budget 2021: Support for Businesses

May 01, 2021

On April 19, 2021, the Canadian government put forward the 2021 federal budget. This highly anticipated budget promised extension and introduction of subsidies and support programs for businesses. See below for some key budget highlights:

Extension of Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy and the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy

The wage subsidy, the rent subsidy, and Lockdown Support is proposed to be extended until September 25, 2021. The rates for the wage subsidy and rent subsidy will however begin to phase out and decrease from July 4, 2021.

Extending application deadline for the Canada Emergency Business Account

The application deadline for the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) which is an interest-free and partially forgivable loan of up to $60,000 will be extended till June 30, 2021.

Canada Recovery Hiring Program

In order to aid recovery and help promote hiring of workers, the new Canada Recovery Hiring Program will act as a subsidy to offset a portion of the extra costs employers take on as they reopen, either by increasing wages or hours worked, or hiring more staff. The program will be available between June 6, and November 20, 2021.

Technology adoption support for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

The $1.4 billion, Canada Digital Adoption Program, aims to help small- and medium-sized businesses adopt new digital technologies over the next four years through access to skills, training, and advisory services, and microgrants to support costs associated with technology adoption.

Enhancing the Canada Small Business Financing Program

  • – The budget proposes changes to the Canada Small Business Financing Program including:
  • – Increasing annual financing for the program by $560 million
  • – Expansion of loan eligibility to include intellectual property and start-up assets and expenses.
  • – Increasing the maximum loan amount from $350,000 to $500,000 and extending the loan coverage period from 10 to 15 years for equipment and leasehold improvements.
  • – Introduction of a new line of credit product to help with liquidity and cover short-term working capital needs for small business.

Call for Artists -Requests for Proposals (RFP)

RFP on Mural Public Art Project
Sheppard Avenue West at the CN – GO Train Overpass

DUKE Heights BIA is looking to initiate the second mural art project in the area, as part of a series of proposed and still to be developed enhancements to the right-of-way. These improvements are key to our strategy for revitalizing the area and creating long-term effects. The first mural was successfully commissioned and welcomed in our community in 2017 and is located at the CN Rail Line Underpass at Finch Ave. West.

Download the complete RFP document to learn about the scope of the work, proposal evaluation and selection process, and proposal submission requirements. The responses to the functional requirements should be submitted in the structure provided in this RFP.

Proposals must be submitted via email to Lia Martelluzzi, Executive Director at lia@dukeheights.ca, and Laura Ispas, Office Manager at laura@dukeheights.ca by Friday, April 30, 2021 at 4:00pm (local Toronto time).

Download RFP on Mural Public Art Project


Furniture Manufacturing Sector

Food & Beverages Sector

Competency Based Behavioural Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

Interview Question Bank test

Murati Accounting Offers Tax and Full Cycle Accounting Services

February 4, 2021

Murati Accounting is a mother-daughter-run business bringing tailored solutions for your tax and accounting needs. They offer a wide range of services, whether you are an individual looking to file your annual tax return or need full cycle accounting services for your business.

“With a combined experience of over 30 years as Chartered Professional Accountants, we decided to start our own practice with a simple vision in mind – helping our local community by providing easy and affordable access to accounting and tax services. With this guiding principle in mind, we make it a point to develop close relationships with each of our clients and understand their goals and priorities, so that we can tailor our services specifically to their needs.”, says Erta Murati.

Recognizing that we are living in a challenging time, Murati Accounting wants to make it as easy as possible for clients to access their service. As such, they are now able to provide all their services virtually in the interest of the safety of the clients and their families.

Having been long-standing residents of DUKE Heights BIA for over 10 years, Murati Accounting cares for the residents of the community and goes above and beyond to ensure that their fellow neighbours and friends have a team they can rely and depend on for all their accounting needs. Feel free to contact them for a free consultation.

Phone: (416)-389-5218
Email: info@muratiaccounting.com
Address: 714 – 1070 Sheppard Ave. W, Toronto ON M3J 0G8
Website: muratiaccounting.com

Car dealerships and Auto servicing centres are now open to customers by appointments

Car dealerships have started to re-open with COVID-19 restrictions in place. Automotive maintenance and repair services are also available in our area.

Sales are now open by appointment only while they comply with the mandatory safety rules advised by the province.

Before you visit, please call them to schedule an appointment.

Car Dealers & Service Centres

Contact Information

Auto Gallery Address: 155 Champagne Dr., Unit: 7, Ph: 4166330000, Website: https://www.autogalleryinc.ca/
Toronto Auto Collision Address: 375 Champagne Dr., Unit: 3,4, Ph: 4164778727
Lestar Autoworks Inc. Address: 101 Toro Rd., Unit: 51, Ph: 4166350815
Ultimate Wheels 2U Address: 101 Toro Rd., Unit: 12, Ph: 6472930770, Website: www.ultimatewheels2u.com
Affordable Auto Security & Sound Address: 496 Champagne Dr. , Ph: 4168258424
Pro-touch Auto Centre Address: 5 Tangiers Rd., Ph: 9056690980, Website: https://protouchautocentre.com/
Hardick Spring Service Ltd Address: 7 Tangiers Rd., Ph: 4166301172, Website: https://www.hardickspringservice.com/
Favorit Motors Address: 100 Toro Rd., Ph: 4168254446, Website: www.favoritmotorscanada.ca
SPH Auto Parts Address: 58 Toro Rd., Ph: 4166383000
Shiraz Auto Center Inc Address: 47 Toro Rd., Ph: 4163985599
Jasmin Company Limited Address: 41 Toro Rd., Ph: 4166040124
Sun Auto Inc Address: 21 Toro Rd., Ph: 4163981383, Website: www.sunautosales.ca
SimplyTire Inc Address: 14 Toro Rd., Unit: 0, 14, Ph: 4169169233, Website: www.simplytire.com
Dani’s Auto Group Address: 5 St. Regis Cres. N, Unit: 1 to 4, Ph: 4166303311, Website: www.danisautogroup.com
P.T.S Tire Shops Inc Address: 9 Tangiers Rd., Ph: 4166359113, Website: www.ptstreshops.com
Modena Address: 5 St. Regis Cres., Unit: 5, Ph: 6477030431, Website: https://modenafinecars.camsdealer.ca/
ABS Auto Repair Address: 44 St. Regis Cres., Ph: 4167205593
Fine Cars Motors Address: 1290 Finch Ave W., Unit: 20, Ph: 4167369870, Website: www.finecarsmotors.com
RTA Electric Motors Address: 100 St. Regis Cres. N, Unit: 1,2, Ph: 4166369546, Website: https://rtaelectric.com
SEM Motosports Address: 130 Lepage Ct., Unit: 16, Ph: 4166367575, Website: semmotorsports.com
ASAD Mufflers & Mechanical Address: 12 Lepage Ct., Unit: 4, Ph: 4163987333
Nida Auto Services Address: 12 Lepage Ct., Unit: 7,8, Ph: 4167312920, Website: https://nida-auto.business.site/
Top Japanese Auto Parts-TJP Address: 75 Ashwarren Rd., Ph: 4166310022, Website: http://www.topjapaneseautoparts.ca
European Autobauds Toronto Address: 162 Limestone Cres, Ph: 6479968555, Website: https://www.europeanautohaustoronto.com/
A-ONE Autobody Address: 144 Limestone Cres., Ph: 4169160310, Website: https://aoneautobody.business.site/
Dascan Industrial Controls Address: 300 Wildcat Rd., Ph: 4166651511, Website: http://dascan.com/
Topnotch Auto Sales Address: 3891 Keele St., Ph: 4168797113, Website: https://www.tnautosales.ca/
K.M.S Fine Car Inc Address: 3895 Keele St., Ph: 4166369434, Website: www.kmsfinecars.com
Lucky Auto Electric Address: 145 Limestone Cres. , Ph: 4167390993
Top-Line Auto Body Parts Address: 163 Limestone Cres., Ph: 4166657077
Uptown Auto Address: 172-174 Limestone Cres., Ph: 4167623333, Website: www.uptownautomotive.net
A.Z Auto Address: 166 Limestone Cres., Ph: 4166671212, Website: www.azautocanada.ca
TINA Hand Car Wash Address: 2899 Steeles Ave W., Unit: 11, Ph: 6475605588, Website: www.thcarwash.com
Discount Tires & Auto Glass Address: 2899 Steeles Ave W., Unit: 13, Ph: 4166500025, Website: https://discount-tires-and-auto-glass.business.site/
F&D Automotive Services Address: 2899 Steeles Ave W., Unit: 29, Ph: 9056692211, Website: www.fdautomotive.com
Manila Auto Repair Address: 2901 Steeles Ave W., Unit: 3, Ph: 4162446343
Bodylines Auto Collision Ltd Address: 121 Brisbane Rd., Unit: 2, Ph: 4167398838, Website: www.bodylinescsn.com
Glennalan Motors Ltd Address: 65 Brisbane Rd., Ph: 4166656230, Website: http://www.glennalanmotors.com/
Midas Auto Systems Expert Address: 3771 Keele St., Ph: 4166303572, Website: www.3771keelestreet.torontomidas.com
Hudson’s Fine Cars Address: 3712 Keele St., Unit: 15-16, Ph: 4166361661, Website: http://www.hudsonsfinecars.com/
Montero Auto Centre Address: 3715 Keele St., Unit: 20, Ph: 4166651940, Website: https://www.monteroauto.com
Exclusive Fine Cars Inc Address: 908 Magnetic Dr., Ph: 4166632010, Website: www.aryafinemotors.com
I.L. Auto Repairs Address: 4465 Chesswood Dr., Ph: 4166306668
Leon’s Autobody Address: 9 Vanley Cres., Ph: 4166368639, Website: http://www.leonsautobody.com
Eighty 8 Alpha Automotive Inc. Address: 70 Vanley Cres., Ph: 4163981975, Website: www.eighty8automotive.ca
Superior Tire Auto Address: 4300 Dufferin St., Ph: 4166359967, Website: www.superiortire.ca
Canadian Tire Address: 4400 Dufferin St., Unit: 1, Ph: 4166679777, Website: https://www.canadiantire.ca/
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Canada Company Address: 4700 Dufferin St., Unit: 4, Ph: 4166632211, Website: http://www.enterprise.ca
Autopro Mechanical Address: 86 Martin Ross Ave., Ph: 4166658974
Martin Ross Auto Collision Address: 86 Martin Ross Ave., Ph: 4166651427
Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting Address: 1100 Finch Ave W., Unit: 11A, Ph: 4166505588, Website: https://www.maaco.ca/locations/on/
Sun Shine Auto Address: 1100 Finch Ave W., Unit: 203, Ph: 4167367058
Ken’s Auto Body Centre Address: 1100 Finch Ave W., Unit: 204, Ph: 4166634184
Malibu Motors Address: 1100 Finch Ave W., Unit: 11D, Ph: 4166616623, Website: www.malibumotors.ca
The Collection of Fine Cars Address: 1100 Finch Ave W., Unit: 1, Ph: 4166670453, Website: www.collectionfinecars.com
Auto Rover Inc Address: 4521 Chesswood Dr., Ph: 4166543413, Website: www.autorovertoronto.ca
Motorhead Speed Shop Address: 4610 Dufferin St., Unit: 16B, Ph: 6478604717, Website: https://motorheadspeedshop.com/
Adagio Valet Service Address: 5 Rimrock Rd., Unit: 1, Ph: 4168000454, Website: www.adagiovalet.ca
Toronto Drive-Away Address: 265 Rimrock Rd., Unit: 1, Ph: 4162257754, Website: www.torontodriveaway.com
Sorenca Auto Service Address: 4520 Chesswood Dr., Ph: 6479979633, Website: www.sorenca.ca
Havakar Auto Group Address: 4077 Chesswood Dr., Ph: 4167871718, Website: http://www.havakar.com
MG Moto Auto Address: 4230 Chesswood Dr. Unit: 1, Ph: 4165181256
International Auto Body Repair Address: 4240 Chesswood Dr. , Ph: 4163988516
Downsview Chrysler Address: 199 Rimrock Rd., Ph: 4166351660, Website: www.downsviewchrysler.ca
Ari Motors Ltd Address: 4256 Chesswood Dr., Unit: 3, Ph: 4166365456
Rashid Motors Address: 4246 Chesswood Dr., Ph: 4163985877
Han Minh Machine Works Ltd Address: 1100 Lodestar Rd., Unit: 5, Ph: 4166360660
Toronto Auto Mall Address: 1170 Sheppard Ave W., Unit: 36-38, Ph: 6477485755, Website: www.torontoautomall.ca
Auto Master Trading Address: 1170 Sheppard Ave W., Unit: 27, Ph: 6474369321
LAM Auto Services Address: 1170 Sheppard Ave W., Unit: 48, Ph: 4166308444
Auto Guyz Tirecraft Auto Centre Address: 1185 Finch Ave W., Ph: 4166619300, Website: www.tirecraft.com
Bell Auto Address: 1127 Sheppard Ave W., Ph: 4167368880, Website: http://www.bellauto.ca
Autorama Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles Address: 1205 Sheppard Ave W., Unit: 1, Ph: 4167397262, Website: https://www.autorama.ca
Nexcar Address: 1235 Sheppard Ave W., Ph: 4166338188, Website: https://www.nexcar.ca/
Carstar Collision & Glass Service Address: 1221 Sheppard Ave W., Ph: 4166335652, Website: http://www.carstar.ca
IQ Motors Address: 1111 Finch Ave W., Unit: 45, Ph: 9055814240, Website: www.iqmotors.ca
Auto Sport Motors Address: 1101 Finch Ave W., Unit: 6, Ph: 4167369609
Good Tech Auto Centre Address: 1100 Finch Ave W., Unit: 206/207, Ph: 6472088025 / 4168039192, Website: http://goodtechauto.com
Autodom Inc. Address: 1100 Finch Ave W., Unit: 15, Ph: 4166330600, Website: http://www.autodom.ca
ADAR- Automotive Diagnostic and Repair Address: 1170 Sheppard Ave W., Unit: 33, Ph: 4166360831
Car Connection Toronto Address: 19 Vanley Cres., Unit: 2, Ph: 4166714658
Guycan Autobody & Refinish Address: 173 Limestone Cres., Ph: 4166639945
FinishMaster Automotive & Industrial Paint Address: 45 Brisbane Rd., Unit: 17, Ph: 4167369578, Website: www.finishmaster.ca
New Champagne Auto Centre Address: 375 Champagne Dr., Unit: 2, Ph: 4166381255
Frisco Auto parts Address: 265 Champagne Dr., Ph: 4167369595
GTA Shipping Inc Address: 25 Toro Rd., Ph: 4165650902
Vision Autobody Repair & Repaint Address: 51 Toro Rd., Ph: 4166351666
Cost Auto Sales Address: 101 Toro Rd., Ph: 4166368586
Car Impex Address: 4490 Chesswood Dr., Unit: 1,2, Ph: 6472987978, Website: http://www.ci.ca
Inka Tires Address: 175 Limestone Cres. , Ph: 6477843581, Website: https://inkaauto.wordpress.com/
Uptown Auto & Tire Address: 172 to 174 Limestone Cres., Ph: 4167623333, Website: https://uptown-auto-tire-center.business.site/
Wheel Pro Address: 45 Brisbane Rd., Unit: 24,25,26, Ph: 4167361455, Website: www.wheelprocanada.ca
Sreia Automotive Inc. Address: 1540 Lodestar Rd, Unit: Unit 6, Ph: 4163985025
Nortool Automotive Warehousing Inc Address: 438 Limestone Cres. , Ph: 4166671083, Website: http://www.autoforce.ca
Estyle Automotive Ltd. Address: 130 Limestone Cres, Ph: 4166613323
HanKook Automotive Address: 19 Vanley Cres., Unit: Unit 2, Ph: 4163983848
A.H.A. Automotive Design Inc Address: 11 Vanley Cres., Unit: Unit 2, Ph: 4166338988, Website: http://www.ahalimos.com/home.htm
Black Thorn Automotive Address: 157 St Regis. S, Unit: Unit 102, Ph: 4167828111
ADAR Automotive diagnostic and Repair Address: 1170 Sheppard Ave W., Unit: Unit 33, Ph: 4166360831
Ontario Automotive Address: 1540 Lodestar Rd, Unit: Unit 3, Ph: 4162629922, Website: http://www.ontarioautomotive.ca
CMW Automotive Corporation Address: 130 Lepage Court, Unit: Unit 21, Ph: 4166388284
Bloh Automotive Address: 12 Lepage Court, Ph: 4166386111
Aura Automotive Centre Address: 12 Lepage Court, Unit: Unit 7, Ph: 4166360424
Frontline Automotive Inc. Address: 4801 Keele St., Unit: Unit 27, Ph: 4167396262, Website: http://www.frontlineautomotive.ca
Showcase Automotive Inc. Address: 149 Dolomite Drive, Ph: 4166637666
Tire Connections Automotive Speedline Repair Address: 4361 Chesswood Drive, Ph: 6473426868, Website: http://www.tireconnections.com
BMC Automotive Address: 45  Brisbane Road, Unit: Unit 3, Ph: 4166677544
Technique Automotive Address: 73 Alness Street, Unit: Unit 9, Ph: 6477878444, Website: http://techniqueautomotive.com
The Automotive Group Address: 37 Kodiak Crescent, Unit: Unit 5, Ph: 4163988000, Website: http://www.theautomotivegroup.net