Adopt a Tree in Your Neighbourhood

May 01, 2019

Winter has finally ended, and spring is upon us. As the season begins and the weather becomes warmer a new scenery is about to engulf Toronto. One that contains lush trees and large amounts of greenery that are beneficial in many aspects to the community.

The local trees within our BIA are not only valuable but also fundamental to the success of the area as they provide essential and aesthetically pleasing elements including an increase in property value, improvements to mental health, a barrier to noise traffic and the removal of carbon dioxide from the environment. With a strong motivation to protect our BIA, DUKE Heights BIA is introducing Adopt-a-Tree program in partnership with the Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests (LEAF) to the BIA members.

The program targets trees located on City-owned and maintained sidewalks or boulevards, often referred to “street trees.” Although locations can include trees planted in turf or landscaped boulevards, this program focuses on trees that are often subject to severe stress and poor growing conditions. Whether it is an adoption of one tree or multiple surrounding your local area, each participant will enable the sequestering of harmful greenhouse gases and contribute in building a stronger and vibrant community.
We are inviting the DUKE Heights BIA members to take part in the Program and to adopt-a-tree today!
For all inquiries, please contact LEAF (
Phone: 416-413-9244 ext.0
Toll Free: 1-888-453-6504 ext.0