Brief & Associates Inc. : Helping Businesses with Debt Problems

Brief & Associates Inc. is a firm of government Licensed Insolvency Trustees that has been advising individuals and small businesses with debt problems for over 40 years. Angie Klein, the Managing Director at Brief & Associates Inc. says, “We treat every person as a unique individual with a unique set of issues and work towards finding a solution that fits. We understand that being in a difficult financial situation can be extremely stressful and upsetting. We therefore treat everyone with care and compassion and our knowledgeable insolvency team will take the time to explain all of your options so that you feel comfortable and confident that you are choosing the solution that best fits your needs.”

A recent example of someone they helped was Dinesh P. Dinesh, who had $30,000 in credit card and income tax debt, a leased vehicle, an RRSP and steady employment income.  A friend of Dinesh told him to find a Trustee and just file for bankruptcy.  After a consultation with Dinesh, where they discussed the pros and cons of his options, Brief & Associates recommended that he should not file for bankruptcy but rather a Consumer Proposal.  A consumer proposal is a compromise with creditors that consolidates all debts into a single, affordable monthly payment that results in a reduction of up to 70% of the total debts owing.  Not only was Dinesh able to keep his car and RRSP, but within 2 years of completing the proposal, he was thrilled to report that he had qualified for a mortgage to purchase his first condo.