DUKE Heights BIA Sustainability Office

At DUKE Heights BIA we are committed to helping our businesses to succeed in every way. This is why we have recently developed a Sustainability Office within our organization. The purpose of the DUKE Heights Sustainability Office is to help transform DUKE HEIGHTS BIA into a more ecologically sustainable business community and support the economic success of all of our members.

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Reduce Reuse Recycle in DUKE Heights

The DUKE Heights Sustainability Office will be working closely with Toronto Hydro and Enbridge Gas Distribution to help our members reduce their utility consumption and expenses and to tap into the potential of generating green renewable energy.

We will also be working with our members and stakeholders to identify and implement strategies to help reduce the cost of waste removal, implement recycling programs and reduce water consumption.

Sustainability Projects and Initiatives:

  • Sustainability Survey: The Sustainability Office’s first project was a comprehensive Sustainability Survey completed in July 2016. Through this survey, we received a wealth of first-hand feedback about the ecological priorities and interests of our members. Please contact us if you also want to be interviewed about your Sustainability priorities.
  • Green Doors Open 2016: Our first public DUKE Heights BIA Sustainability event is our participation in the upcoming Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) Green Energy Doors Open 2016 on Friday September 9, 2016. Click here for more details.
  • Street Beautification Projects: DUKE Heights also has several beautification projects slated for the next few years. For example, we have started tree planting along Chesswood Drive and Sheppard Ave W, which will be completed before the end of Summer 2016. We have also begun the planning stages for major beautification work on Finch Ave West with a large emphasis on new landscaping. The goal of these projects is to increase our overall greenspace in DUKE Heights and reduce the “Heat Island” effect, which can greatly impact power use in Summer months.

Be Sure to Check back with us in the coming months for more sustainability projects.