Occupational Competency and Career Progression

DUKE Heights Occupational Competency and Career Progression Chart- Food and Furniture Manufacturing

May 30, 2019

Interactions with manufacturing-based businesses in the DUKE Heights Businesses Improvement Area has highlighted the employment related challenges they face with respect to recruitment, retention, workforce productivity and innovation. To address some of these challenges, the DHBIA is in process to develop a sector-based workforce strategy. As an extension to the sector-based workforce strategy model, DHBIA has created a first of its kind interactive ‘Occupational Competency and Career Progression Chart’ to better understand the knowledge, skills and competencies associated with key occupations related to the manufacturing sector. This framework has been established based on our interactions with business and existing labour market information.

Benefits of the Competency & Career Progression Chart


  • Identify industry recognized skills and competencies
  • Tailor job descriptions through better understanding of tasks and responsibilities associated with a specific position
  • Define career progression paths within organization to attract and retain resources

Job Seekers:

  • Better ability to perform self-assessment and make informed career choices/decisions
  • Develop better understanding of skill requirements for a specific role and seek necessary training programs
  • Gain improved transparency into career advancement opportunities

Employment Service Providers:

  • Develop understanding of competencies and skills required to meet employer needs
  • Design targeted training programs, curriculum and support services
  • Provide better counsel services to job seekers on skill requirements associated with a specific job position

Link to Occupational Competency and Career Progression Chart- Furniture Manufacturing

Link to Occupational Competency and Career Progression Chart- Food Manufacturing

Please Note: Data updated on May 30, 2019.