Enhanced Walkability Between Keele St. and the Downsview Park

November 20, 2018

The DUKE Heights BIA is in lockstep with public realm and streetscape improvements as a step in establishing itself as a prominent and attractive employment district. The context of DUKE Heights, once known as a dull, lurching and motor-only area is changing as the mobility choices in the BIA are being enhanced. We are working with the City over the last several years developing public realm improvements across the BIA. A key objective is to promote walkability within the DUKE Heights Area.

Recent Development
• Adding missing sidewalks on St. Regis Cres. (To Tuscan Gate and to Bakersfield St.)
• Adding new crosswalk at Keele St and St. Regis Cres.
• Corner improvements at North-East and South-east Corner of Keele & St. Regis Cres.
• Adding pavement, street furniture- benches, etc.


These improvements will provide for an improved pedestrian friendly streetscape between Keele St. and Downsview Park offering a significant advantage to pedestrians in time saving and adding ease of mobility in the area.

The momentum generated through the significant transit investments that the DUKE Heights BIA is going through is providing unparalleled incentive to develop a state-of-the-art public realm that will not only benefit the existing BIA members but also and promote this form of streetscaping and urban design through other similar scaled and typically auto-centric neighbourhoods elsewhere in the city.