Eisenbergs Sandwiches is What You Get When You Combine Authenticity and Taste

July 12, 2022

Eisenbergs Sandwich Co. is a new Toronto-based family-owned restaurant that serves everything from a wide range of hand-crafted sandwiches to smoothies, bagels, hot and cold beverages, lasagna, and more. Eisenbergs Sandwich Co. has everything you need, from dine-in and takeout to catering and delivery.

Their dedicated team uses a handful of natural and fresh ingredients to make new and existing dishes from scratch. From signature homemade sauces to family-recipe dishes, Eisenbergs Sandwich Co. believes in providing customers with an authentic, home feeling as their flavours come from old family recipes and are all made in-house.

Interestingly enough, the name “Eisenberg” is a family surname. The owner of Eisenbergs Sandwich Co., Boaz G Rachamim, gave us some insight into where the concept for their business originated.

“The name Eisenberg is my mom’s last name. My grandparents only had daughters, so they didn’t have anyone to continue the family name.”

That’s when Boaz stepped into fulfilling his dreams of having his own restaurant and carrying out their family name and the recipes he grew up with. He is passionate about giving people a family-friendly experience when they walk into the restaurant, so it’s no wonder the flavors of Eisenbergs come from family recipes.

Besides that, Boaz and his team value customer health, which prompts them to quality products like kosher meat and have non-oily menu items to suit everyone’s needs. They also believe in listening to their customers and clients to understand their needs and do everything they can to satisfy others. Eisenberg’s Sandwich Co. discovers new recipes and tweaks them to turn them into more of their own recipe with their authentic and unique flavours, earning them great feedback from clients and customers.

Boaz and his team always experiment with new items, and as requested by clients, they will happily add new dishes to their menus.

“As long as our team has the ingredients, we can make anything. We’re not locked into certain products,” Boaz told us in an interview. Instead of saying they don’t have or make certain things, they tell customers they’ll do their best and try making something new.

When asked about some of the popular menu items at Eisenbergs Sandwich Co., Boaz claims they specialize in the following dishes:

  • The Cracker (Panini): kosher smoked meat, kosher salami, pickles, green olives, banana peppers, spicy mayonnaise made from scratch, and mustard.
  • Spicy Tuna: white albacore spicy tuna, homemade tomato sauce, banana peppers, and shredded mozzarella cheese (melted).
  • Classic Turkey: kosher turkey breast, kosher salami, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and mayonnaise.
  • Beth’s Veggie Lasagna (aunt’s special lasagna): corn, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, feta, cheddar, cottage cheese, mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce, and lasagna noodles. Served with a toasted bagel.

Eisenbergs Sandwich Co. had its grand opening last year in July, meaning the restaurant started during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Eisenbergs faced many challenges, from not having easy access to free parking and dine-in and catering restrictions to having limited sales and overall business.

“You need to keep things moving because you have things to pay for. You have rent, staff, expenses like electricity and water, etc.” – Boaz.

Working with less business and still thriving is challenging, but Boaz and his team held their heads high and found ways to keep the sales going. Although they’ve already been active on social media platforms, they relied on these platforms to find customers on Instagram, Facebook, etc., by posting pictures and videos, reaching out to clients, and advertising and marketing their content with the help of DUKE Heights BIA in different ways.

Through billboard and website ads, social media advertisements, and other sponsored business services offered by DUKE Heights BIA, Eisenberg’s Sandwich Co. was able to keep its restaurant moving.

Boaz and his team continued to wear masks, and all the staff members received their COVID-19 vaccinations. They take great pride in cleanliness and freshness, ensuring their workspace and seating area are tidy by following basic sanitary protocols such as wearing gloves, constantly washing hands, etc.

Eisenbergs Sandwich Co. has done some wonderful events, such as giveaways, buffets, private home events, and outdoor barbecues. They recently did a Canada Day barbeque near their restaurant. They even have another big outdoor barbeque event coming up! Mark your calendars because July 26 is Eisenberg’s first anniversary, so you can find them doing a barbeque by Dufferin and Finch!

For more information, you can visit their website and social media handles: