Invest in Your Building: Build Your Energy Savings

March 01, 2019

Have your utility bills risen dramatically? Interested in modernizing your building without reaching into your pocket? Efficiency Capital (EC) provides Turnkey solutions for you to reduce your operating costs, lower your energy consumption and modernize your building at the same time.


Efficiency Capital (“EC”) offers a unique investment program where they pay for upgrading your building, with no upfront cost to you. These upgrades are funded by the ‘Guaranteed’ savings that you receive in lower operating expenses. EC has developed a structured turnkey approach that mitigates savings risk, ensures improved building performance and reduces energy consumption.

Key features and benefits

EC invests up to 100% of funds • Savings can start immediately
• No opportunity cost of waiting for capital allocation
• Preserve your capital for other priorities
Pay when you save • No performance risk of savings not being achieved
• Data-driven monitoring by EC verifies performance
• Savings are guaranteed and insured
Flexible contract • Client can buy-out the contract at any time
• Provides flexibility for the timing of capital raises
Reduced GHG emissions • Demonstrates environmental leadership
• Regulatory compliance and reporting

How it works

Efficiency Capital was launched by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) to accelerate efficiency upgrades in North America’s aging building stock. TAF created the award-winning Energy Savings Performance Agreement (ESPA) as an innovative way to finance these upgrades. TAF is an arms-length agency of the City of Toronto that invests in solutions for air pollution and climate change mitigation.

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