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Planning to transform your enterprise? Getting ready to face your current or future challenges? IT Support Services providers from DUKE Heights BIA can help identify your requirements, create your digital strategy, and build the necessary solutions and integrations to ensure you’re your business operations work seamlessly and at scale.

Information technology service providers at DUKE Heights BIA who are available to serve customers:

IT Service Providers

Contact Information

365 IT Solutions Address: 1170 Sheppard Ave W., Unit: 16, Ph: 4163989889, Website: www.365itsolutions.com
Abtron Computer Services Address: 4610 Dufferin St., Unit: 18&20B, Ph: 4166617503, Website: www.abtron.com
Advanced Technologies 365 Investments Partners Address: 1110 Finch Ave W., Unit: 814, Ph: 1800909071, Website: www.advanceprotech.com
Asigra Inc. Address: 79 Brisbane Rd. , Ph: 4167368111, Website: www.asigra.com
Canam Systems Address: 5000 Dufferin St., Unit: 204 / 209, Ph: 1-866-992-2626, Website: http://canamsys.com/
Claymore Inc. Address: 3701 Chesswood Dr., Unit: 210, Ph: 4164896999, Website: www.claymore.ca /
CO4 Computing Inc. Address: 4610 Chesswood Dr., Unit: 202 / 204, Ph: 4164197990, Website: https://www.co4.com/
Content Interface Corporation Address: 5050 Dufferin St., Unit: 206, Ph: 4167367006, Website: www.contentinterface.com
Fs Local Address: 123 Limestone Cres., Ph: 4167332080, Website: https://www.fslocal.com/
Iom Computer Supply Inc Address: 3971 Chesswood Dr., Ph: 4166336161, Website: http://www.iomcomputers.com
Kyozou Inc Address: 4580 Dufferin St., Unit: 510, Ph: 18775969681, Website: http://www.kyozou.com
One Cell Solutions (Telus) Address: 2899 Steeles Ave W., Unit: 22, Ph: 9057617791, Website: www.onecell.ca
Optimum Tech Solutions Address: 4503 Chesswood Dr., Ph: 4166049333, Website: www.opttechsolutions.com
Retalon Address: 2727 Steeles Ave W., Unit: 200, Ph: 9054829605, Website: https://retalon.com/
Simon Phoenix Group Address: 312 Dolomite Dr., Unit: 216, Ph: 9058506851, Website: www.simonphoenixgroup.ca
Virtual Imaging Products Address: 650 Petrolia Rd., Ph: 4167418471, Website: http://www.virtualimagingproducts.com
Digital Treasures Address: 265 Rimrock Rd., Unit: 2A, Ph: 4164790903, Website: www.digitaltreasures.ca
Digital Scope Ltd. Address: 601 Magnetic Dr., Unit: 26, Ph: (416) 663-1312, Website: https://www.wehaveitcovered.solutions/
Digitcom Telecommunications Canada Inc. Address: 250 Rimrock Rd., Ph: 4167837890, Website: www.digitcom.ca
Logic Software Inc. Address: 1183 Finch Avenue West, Unit: 302, Ph: 4169079944, Website: https://www.easyprojects.net
Leverage IT Address: 21 Kodiak Crescent, Ph: 6474087900, Website: http://leverage.it
Cloud IT Address: 312 Dolomite Drive, Ph: 4166238052, Website: http://www.cloud-it.biz
MetroPlace IT Solutions Address: 1060 Sheppard Avenue West, Ph: 6477948014, Website: http://www.computersintoronto.ca
IT Renew Address: 126 Martin Ross Avenue, Ph: 6475584738, Website: http://itrenew.com
Sutton IT Address: 1001 Finch Avenue West, Ph: 6474798867, Website: http://www.suttonit.ca
E Z IT systems Address: 53 St Regis Crescent South, Ph: 4168436400, Website: http://ezitsystem.co