• Bell is waiving all Roam Better and all pay-per-use roaming fees for all destinations and for all small businesses between March 18 and April 30
  • Bell will be providing small business customers with Turbo Hubs, Turbo Sticks and MiFi devices an extra 10 GB of domestic usage and a $10 credit on their existing plan for each of their current and next billing cycles.


  • Rogers is waiving all roaming and pay-per-use charges for all small businesses travelling outside of Canada between March 16 and April 30.
  • Rogers is waiving data overage fees for home internet usage starting March 14 until May 31.
  • Rogers for Business , in partnership with Microsoft, is offering six months of free access to Microsoft Teams and Office 365, to make it easier for businesses to implement affordable work-from-home technologies


  • Telus is waiving all Easy Roam®, Travel Passes and pay-per-use roaming charges for small business customers until April 30.
  • Telus is offering flexible payment options for small business customers who have been financially affected by the crisis